Professor of Analytics to Deliver Invited Keynote at London Computer Science Conference

Dr. Robert Steele
Dr. Robert Steele

The impact of emerging technologies on various sectors, including the healthcare industry, will be the focus of an invited keynote talk by Florida Polytechnic University’s Dr. Robert Steele at an upcoming international conference in London.

Steele, a professor of data analytics, is one of several scholars from around the world presenting at the 2018 Computing Conference on July 10-12. It’s an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-published research conference and a premier venue for researchers and industry practitioners to share new ideas and research results

Titled “Data Science-Driven Design of Emerging Informatics Systems,” Steele’s keynote will address the key challenges at the intersection of applied research and development and the underlying scientific bodies of knowledge upon which these draw.

“The combination of computing, data analytics and the Internet of Things has the potential to transform all industries and the community,” said Steele. “In particular, health informatics work drawing upon these fields has the potential to transform the U.S. healthcare industry, which is projected to become a $5.5 trillion sector by 2025. However, there are significant methodological, technological, system and adoption challenges to still be addressed, and this talk will speak to some of those.”

Steele will also touch upon the high-end graduate and workforce development that Florida Poly can provide to help make Florida a leader in those innovative fields.

“This is an opportunity for Florida Poly to raise its emerging reputation for research and innovation nationally and internationally amongst leading peer global institutions,” he said.

Other keynote speakers invited to present at the event include a chief technology officer from IBM Watson Analytics, a leading global industry analytics initiative, along with the director of University College London Institute of Digital Health.

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