Florida Poly Hosts Virtual Event to Introduce New Renewable Energy & Sustainability Course Available Fall 2016

Students at Florida Polytechnic University have an opportunity to sign up for an exclusive new course focused on renewable energy systems and sustainability. Available fall 2016, the course combines fundamental concepts and application with hands-on learning for creating sustainable and renewable energy technologies.

Prospective and current students, faculty and the public are invited to learn more during the upcoming spring edition of the Google+ Hangout series titled, #STEMTalks: “The Sustainability Gap – What it means for Future Generations,” on March 24, 2016 at 7 p.m.

The online event will feature an interactive panel discussion with Florida Poly professors on how modern technologies are impacting sustainability efforts and how the University’s new course will contribute to the field.

“Our faculty is collaborating across disciplines to make renewable energy and sustainability courses, projects and research a reality at Florida Poly,” said course coordinator and #STEMTalks panelist Dr. Ryan Integlia. “We also see the potential of entrepreneurship driving the engagement of future generations to bring the full potential of renewable energy, sustainability and green sector to our society.”

Students enrolled in the new course will learn about topics that include energy harvesting, renewable energy sources, sustainability, energy storage, materials’ utilization, renewable energy and sustainability entrepreneurship, smart grid, and infrastructure integration. Florida Poly professors will provide instruction, along with industry partners and visiting experts.

The course differs from others offered across the state in that it includes a competitive element. Students will form teams and develop a research- or project-based video about a particular aspect of sustainability and renewable energy. Winning student teams will be offered additional training and an opportunity to compete in statewide and national sustainability conferences and competitions.

“This course and its contents are aligned in a way that pushes students to think outside-the-box,” said Dr. Sesha Srinivasan, also a course coordinator and #STEMTalks panelist. “The competitive component of the curriculum is designed to enhance students’ professional skill sets and provide them with opportunities to secure internships, research grants, graduate school acceptance and even future ‘green’ jobs.”

“My colleagues and I are grateful for the funding support Florida Poly has received from Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) for introducing this new course,” added Dr. Srinivasan

#STEMTalks participants are encouraged to submit questions to panelists before and during the live event via Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag, #STEMTalks. Questions may also be submitted to the Google+ Hangout page where the forum will be hosted. To learn more and register, visit http://staging-floridapoly.kinsta.cloud/stemtalks/.

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