Florida Poly ranked #1 in the US for lowest out-of-state tuition

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Florida Polytechnic University has been ranked number one in the nation for having the lowest out-of-state tuition among colleges and universities by the website ValueColleges.

Florida Polytechnic University has been recognized for having the lowest out-of-state tuition among American colleges and universities by the website ValueColleges.

“We see great relief and much excitement from families, teachers, and guidance counselors from across the country when they find us, given our selectivity and affordability,” said Dr. Ben Matthew Corpus, associate vice provost for enrollment management.

ValueColleges noted that many students seeking specialized education may not have the option to find that at universities where they live. Public institutions like Florida Poly, which is focused 100% on science, technology, engineering, and math, offer industry-leading education while also providing a good value.

“Florida Polytechnic University has a unique mission to drive Florida’s future forward, and making itself one of the cheapest out-of-state tuition universities in the nation is a key part of that mission,” ValueColleges said in its announcement.

Corpus said Florida Poly has prioritized ensuring the brightest students have access to the University, regardless of their economic circumstances. In addition to its affordability for students outside the state, the University has the lowest tuition and fees among the state’s 12 public institutions for Florida residents.

“Value is found in access to Florida Poly, a prestigious and selective public university, at the lowest cost in the state, in terms of tuition and fees, within a university system that is ranked number one in the nation for cutting-edge programs of study that will earn most graduates approximately $1 million more over their lifetime compared to all other academic majors,” he said.

“At Florida Poly, only 11% of our students graduated with student debt last year, at half the amount of the average across the country,” Corpus added.

About 6% of Florida Poly’s students are from outside Florida, but that number is expected to grow.

“We find out-of-state students are very attracted to Florida Poly primarily for the academic experience, but also because of our size,” Corpus said. “It’s a tough place to get into, and once they are here, they find a culture free of distractions that empowers them to innovate, they see engaged peers within a community of brilliant makers, the support from faculty and staff who are highly accessible – giving them direct connections and support that may not typically be found in very large public universities.”

Students interested in learning more about Florida Poly should call 863-874-4774.

Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications

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