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How Much Do Electrical Engineers Make?

Many people, especially students often wonder, “How much do electrical engineers make?” There are a few items to consider when answering this question. It’s common for many industries to experience wage stagnation as overseas competition and a surplus of workers keep wages down. But the salaries for electrical engineers are growing, along with the number of […]

Electrical Engineering Fields

When it comes to electrical engineering fields, there are many questions on the future of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering fields involve control systems, digital systems, electrodynamics, magnetics and semiconductors. For students entering or interested in electrical engineering fields, it is helpful to gain an understanding of the field, as well as the predicted industry trends. […]

Florida Poly Welcomed Robotics Experts for Google+ Hangout, #BOTTalks

Florida Polytechnic University recently hosted #BOTTalks, a Google+ Hangout for current and prospective students that provided participants the opportunity to learn about robotics engineering and the future of machine intelligence as well as other high-tech topics with a Florida Poly professor and robotics expert. Crystal Lauderdale, Florida Poly’s Director of Marketing and Communications, moderated the […]

Big Data Careers

Many students pursue a big data analytics career as the demand by employers for data analysts rises. In this field of study, students gain knowledge of insight into the discipline of data sets of extreme size, diversity and complexity to fully prepare them for a big data career path. Florida Polytechnic University offers a program […]

Health Informatics Careers

Are you thinking about a health informatics career? The fast-growing discipline of health informatics careers and therising demand for health technologists provide students the opportunity to pursue a career in a field that combines health management and information science. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of health information specialists is projected to grow […]

History of Communication Technology

The history of communication technology has had a profound impact on our world. In the modern economy, it’s no surprise that the telecommunications industry is responsible for $1.88 trillion dollars in worldwide GDP1. The three largest? They are worth a whopping $701.31 billion dollars. The explosive advancements in technology over the last 100 years of the […]

Founding SGA Signs Student Constitution

Complete with an Executive branch, 12 Senators and a Constitution – it’s official! In February, students elected the Legislative and Judicial branches, after electing executive leadership in the fall term. With the signing of the Constitution, the Florida Poly SGA is now formally operated by the students and for the students, a highly visible testament […]

Florida Poly Team Takes Third Place at UHack 2015

What if there were an app that actually distracted people from their mobile devices for some lively conversation? That is the mission of the aptly named Icebreaker, a mobile application developed by three Florida Poly students that took the third-place prize in the recent UHack 2015 competition at the University of Miami. Graduate student Jacob […]

Robotic & Machine Intelligence (Virtual) Roundtable: #BOTTalks at Florida Poly

Florida Polytechnic University will host the first of three virtual events via Google+ Hangouts on Tuesday, Feb. 24, at 8 p.m. This series is set to discuss advancements in technology and engineering, specifically robotics and machine intelligence. Our first event, #BOTTalks, features a panel of industry leaders and experts from Florida Poly. #BOTTalks will focus […]

Supply Chain Management Careers

Have you ever thought about starting a career in supply chain management? Professionals educated and trained in supply chain management careers or with supply chain management degrees are in high demand in the global marketplace. Just take a look at the numbers: According to a study by the Supply Chain Sector Council, “From 2012 – […]

The Mosaic Café Opens at Florida Polytechnic University, Thanks to Generosity of The Mosaic Company

LAKELAND, Fla. – The Mosaic Café officially opened at Florida Polytechnic University on Friday thanks to a naming gift from The Mosaic Company. The newly named Mosaic Café is a grab-and-go coffee and snack bar inside the University’s iconic Innovation, Science and Technology Building. The Mosaic Company gift supports student scholarships and the University’s educational […]

Florida Poly President to Speak at 2015 Emerging Issues Forum

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University President Dr. Randy K. Avent will participate in a panel discussion on New Delivery Models for Higher Education at the 30th annual Emerging Issues Forum, Innovation Reconstructed, on February 10, 2015 at the Raleigh Convention Center. The Forum is North Carolina’s signature public policy gathering hosted by the Institute […]

Logistics Careers: How to start a career in logistics?

Have you ever thought about the logistics behind how a product gets into the hands of a consumer? This extensive process involves the implementation of effective movement and storage of information, goods and services to ensure expenses are reduced and customer service is enhanced. This process is known as logistics management, and it is a […]

Florida Poly’s New Submarine Club Makes a Splash

Florida Poly prides itself on an entrepreneurial culture where students can create clubs and programs that reflect the can-do learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. The newly formed Submarine Club is a shining example of that. Organized by freshman Ethan Puerto, the club’s vision is to design and build a human-powered wet submarine that […]

Florida Poly Launches Initiative to Create Florida’s #NextGreatMascot

Students use innovation, crowdsourcing to create school mascot LAKELAND, Fla. – Students at Florida Polytechnic University will decide the school’s official mascot. The state’s newest public institution has launched an initiative to create Florida’s #NextGreatMascot. The process includes hands-on learning opportunities with design experts, a student-centered competition to develop potential mascot concepts and a student-only […]

What’s New On Campus: Student Organizations

Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to make friends and find a niche in your college community. There are plenty of good colleges in Florida. We’re going to take time to tell you about Florida’s newest public university, Florida Polytechnic University, and how you can get involved. From choosing the University’s […]

Career in Engineering: Initiatives Making our World a Better Place

A career in engineering enables change. Engineers are the world’s problem solvers. Students who choose a degree in engineering and pursue engineering science jobs will be prepared for a career path that provides them the opportunity to help solve a variety of different social and economic issues across the world. I recently spoke with Dr. Ryan […]

Florida Poly President Awarded Prestigious IEEE Fellowship

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University President Dr. Randy K. Avent has been named a 2015 Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. The IEEE Grade of Fellow is granted by the Board of Directors […]

Florida Polytechnic Professor and Author to Discuss Her Book on Florida Environmentalist

LAKELAND – Florida Polytechnic University Professor Dr. Peggy Macdonald will discuss her new book, “Marjorie Harris Carr: Defender of Florida’s Environment,” at 7 p.m., Jan. 15, at Florida Southern College. Dr. Macdonald is the invited guest speaker in the next lecture in the Florida Lecture Series, sponsored by the Lawton M. Chiles, Jr., Center for […]

How to Become an Electrical Engineer: A Counselor’s Perspective

Students often ask counselors how to become an electrical engineer, or what do you need to become an electrical engineer. While it can vary from person to person, we’ve put together a guide for those looking to pursue an engineering degree. An electrical engineer degree is one of the most popular degree choices for college […]

Is Electrical Engineering Hard?

An electrical engineering degree is a study of one of the most dynamic branches of engineering and focuses on the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. As a career, electrical engineers work on a wide range of components, devices and systems, from tiny microchips to huge power station generators. Electrical engineers are the individuals who […]

Three Florida Poly Teams Win “Shark Tank” Style Competition

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University is spurring innovation as the organizer and host of an invention competition, similar to the reality show “Shark Tank.” Nine student teams from Florida Polytechnic’s College of Engineering showcased their inventions to a panel of industry experts on Thursday, but only the top three teams won the grand prize […]

Florida Polytechnic University: Already a Family Tradition

Many high school students see college as time to set out on their own, to say goodbye to Mom and Dad and experience independence for the first time. But not Makala Quinn. For her, college has become a family affair.  Makala is a freshman at Florida Polytechnic University studying Health Informatics and Cyber Security – […]

How is Computer Science Different from Computer Engineering?

When it comes to STEM education, one question that constantly arises is the difference between computer science and computer engineering. When selecting the appropriate major, it’s important to understand what makes each area of study distinct. Computer Science What is computer science engineering? Computer science is the study of how instructions and data are processed and […]

Top 3 Reasons to Choose an Engineering Degree

It’s a big decision – and may well determine your career and professional future. Some may say, one of the biggest decisions of your life. Your passion may be to develop streamlined processes, to solve complex problems, or to generate models via technology. A degree in engineering enables you to make impact, and perhaps change […]