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Jedi Academy Launches at Florida Poly

The lightsabers ignite as the setting sun paints a picturesque sky behind the Innovation, Science and Technology Building. “High block, low block, mid-block,” calls instructor Rich Ganey, as the students behind him sweep their lightsabers into each position. Minutes later, the students are paired off into sparring groups and the clack of their training lightsabers […]

Florida Poly Launches First International Conference with Panjab University in India

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University is pleased to announce its first international conference hosted in partnership with Panjab University in Chandigarh, India. The conference will take place at Panjab University April 20-22, 2017, and will bring various experts together to discuss Green Chemistry/Engineering and Technologies (GCET) for sustainable development. The purpose of the event […]

Florida Poly Foundation Hosts Second Annual Women in STEM Summit

LAKELAND, Fla. – The Florida Polytechnic University Foundation held its second annual Women in STEM Summit on Tuesday, March 14, at the university’s Innovation, Science and Technology Building, celebrating women who are making their mark in STEM industries and paving the way for others. With more than 300 guests in attendance, the event featured keynote […]

Florida Poly Hosts 2017 Florida Academy of Sciences Conference

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University this weekend hosted the Florida Academy of Sciences (FAS) 2017 Annual Conference at the Innovation, Science and Technology Building. Faculty, post-doctoral research fellows, graduate and undergraduate students came together to exchange new scientific discoveries and recognize significant breakthroughs that are building the development and economy of Florida. During the […]

Recap: Top Moments from the Virtual Reality #STEMTalks Event

Florida Polytechnic University hosted its third #STEMTalks virtual event of the 2016-17 academic year on February 21 titled, “Virtual Reality: A World of Immersion.” This #STEMTalks event featured a panel of experts who are involved in different aspects of virtual reality, from gaming to flight simulation. Tyler Hopf, Creative Director at IrisVR, joined the conversation […]

Taking Off: The Next to Create a Hero

“Impossible” is a meaningless word at Florida Poly. Dorian Alberti can prove it. Back in 2008, the freshman saw the first Iron Man movie in theater. It was love at first sight. The mechanics, the action, engineering; all of it appealed to him. So he decided to make his own Iron Man suit. The Mark […]

Time Saver: The Next to Find Strength in Numbers

Seconds on the clock usually seem insignificant. But Calvin Ingram knows better. The Florida Polytechnic University junior deals in time and efficiency. It’s the basis of his study of Mechanical Engineering and Motion Intelligence. Motion intelligence examines the movement of people and objects. For example, specialists use this science to plan the flow of fans […]

Polk County Declares March 14, 2017 “Women in STEM Day”

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University has received a proclamation from the Polk County Board of County Commissioners designating March 14, 2017 as “Florida Polytechnic University Women in STEM Day.”  On that date, the university will host its second annual Women in STEM Summit, which aims to foster alignment, partnership and collaboration among university scholars […]

University Receives $1.5 Million Grant to Improve Fog Prediction

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University Professor Dr. Christina Drake has received a $1.5 million grant from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to study new methods of predicting fog on Florida roadways, helping forecasters better alert travelers of dangerous weather conditions. Florida Poly will work with PraxSoft, an information technology and engineering company based […]

Pitching Greatness: The Next to Build the Future

You won’t find presidents or treasurers in Florida Polytechnic University’s Next Tech Entrepreneurs club. Instead, they’re preparing for their future with titles like CEO and CFO. “We wanted to create a place where we could learn the fundamentals of a start-up,” explains club founder and CEO Elijah Campbell, who is majoring in Advanced Technology. “A […]

Italian Consul General Visits Florida Poly

Italian Consul General Gloria Marina Bellelli toured Florida Polytechnic University on Wednesday, soaking in the architecture of the Innnovation, Science and Technology Building and learning more about the university’s approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Bellelli and her office represent more than 35,000 Italian citizens living in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean […]

CFDC and Florida Polytechnic University Host Business Partnership Building Event

Lakeland, Fla, Feb. 6, 2017 – The Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce (CCQF) held its first trade mission in Central Florida on Wednesday, Feb. 1, highlighted by a visit to the campus of Florida Polytechnic University in Polk County. Hosted by the Polk Global Trade Alliance (PGTA), an initiative of the Central Florida Development Council (CFDC), […]

University Joins Top Research Labs With New Equipment

Florida Polytechnic University is now home to a collection of analytical instruments typically found in some of the top research labs in the country. While most of the general public has never heard of an X-ray diffractometer, they’ve certainly seen its products. A diffractometer uses X-rays to determine the structure of a crystal. It’s a […]

All Booked: The Next To Improve Convenience

Florida Poly students are natural problem solvers. Just ask Gabriel Hutchison, a junior who applied his Computer Science studies to a problem every college student can relate to: class enrollment. More specifically, how to coordinate open classes and their specific days and times, a required course load and a schedule outside classes. Gabriel is also […]

Middle Schoolers Excel Under Florida Poly Mentors

A robotics team from Lakeland Christian School enjoyed several victories this semester, often against students much older than themselves. Their secret weapon: Florida Polytechnic University students. “It’s a transformative experience in the lives of young students when they have college kids ready to help them out,” says Jennifer Canady, director of the RISE Institute at […]

Florida Poly Students Now Eligible to Apply for Federal Student Aid

LAKELAND, Fla. – Students at Florida Polytechnic University are now eligible to apply for Federal Student Aid after the University successfully completed a series of steps required by the US Department of Education. This new designation for Florida Poly means current and prospective students can submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for […]

Florida Poly Names Commons Area Inside IST Building After Industry Partner Saddle Creek Logistics Services

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University named the commons area inside the Innovation, Science and Technology (IST) Building after Saddle Creek Logistics Services on Monday. Saddle Creek has been an industry partner with Florida Poly since the University opened its doors in 2014.  The naming of the commons area after Saddle Creek reflects the importance […]

First Students Graduate from Florida Polytechnic University

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University graduated its first ever class during a historic commencement ceremony on campus Tuesday. Eighteen students received degrees in Innovation and Technology, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Florida Poly was established to be an innovative institution and powerful resource for economic advancement, training the next generation to be […]

Students Bring Magic To Life at MIT

The magic of Harry Potter met the hard reality of science under a class taught recently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by three Florida Polytechnic University students. The class was part of a weekend event called Splash, which brings together high school students from all over the country for a weekend focused on learning […]

Virtually There: The Next to Pioneer a New Reality

Alec Maier is a pioneer in the truest sense of the word. The Florida Polytechnic University freshman stands among the growing group of game developers testing the limits of virtual reality. He’s already developed a bestselling game in Holopoint, an immersive archery battle that keeps players on their toes as they try to repel waves […]

Improving Life: The Next to Change Healthcare

A new app in development at Florida Polytechnic University could be a game changer for people with diabetes. The app serves as a personal assistant of sorts for diabetics by reminding them to check their blood glucose levels, providing them personalized reports to chart their habits and, perhaps most importantly, a social environment for emotional […]

Student Lands $12K Grant To Study Space Radiation

It could be decades before humans make it to the rocky surface of Mars, but Florida Polytechnic University sophomore Payton Barnwell is already working to get them there safely. Having landed a $12,000 grant through the Florida Space Research Program, Barnwell will lead a project this spring testing how to possibly protect plants, technology and explorers […]

Recap: Top 5 Moments from the Internet of Things #STEMTalks Event

Florida Polytechnic University hosted its second #STEMTalks virtual event of the 2016-17 academic year on November 17 titled, “The Internet of Things: A Future of Constant Connection.” This #STEMTalks event featured a virtual panel of experts involved with IoT, from the creation and development of devices to the adaptation of these devices into everyday life. […]

Construction of New Phoenix-shaped Wellness Center Begins at Florida Poly

Hi-res renderings: http://bit.ly/2b9MCsS LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University officially broke ground Wednesday on a new and vastly expanded, state-of-the-art wellness center on its campus in Lakeland. The need for the new wellness center became clear during this past year as attendance and usage of the University’s current wellness center soared more than 400 percent. […]

Florida Poly Introduces New Autonomous Vehicles Course in Partnership with MIT

LAKELAND, Fla. – The technology behind self-driving cars is coming to life soon at Florida Polytechnic University. A brand new course called “Autonomous Systems and Self-Driving Vehicles” starts in the Spring 2017 semester.  Dr. Dean Bushey, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel with more than 10 years of experience developing and advancing autonomous systems, will […]