Top 5 Moments from the Spring Installment of #STEMTalks, a Google+ Hangout

Florida Polytechnic University hosted #STEMTalks, a Google+ Hangout, on February 4, 2015 titled, “Debunking Pop Culture Myths from Core Science Facts.” The Hangout featured Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Athanasios Gentimis; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Jaspreet Singh Dhau;  and Associate Professor of Engineering, Dr. David Foster. The panelists discussed topics related to popular science fictions films like The Martian and Back to the Future, and whether or not the scientific feats portrayed by Hollywood could be feasible in real life.

View the top five moments from the Google+ Hangout below:

Can You Grow Crops On Mars?

Why Does It Take So Long To Get To Mars?

Do We Have The Ability To Travel To Mars?

Why Don’t We Have Flying Cars Yet?

Is Dragging A Vault Really Possible, As Seen In The Fast And The Furious?

Students who were unable to participate in the Google+ Hangout can view the full recorded version on Florida Poly’s Youtube Channel. Stay tuned for additional STEMTalks!

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