Parking and Transportation

Florida Poly RideShare

Florida Poly RideShare is a quick, secure, and personal way to find commuting options to and from campus, in addition to other destinations of your choosing. By using your home and campus addresses, you can find a carpool that matches your commute, as well as nearby Florida Poly commuters looking to carpool.

Florida Poly’s campus rideshare solution assists students, faculty, and staff by:

  • Helping users find both commute options and rideshare partners for a trip home on the weekend or around town during the week
  • Addressing the flexible and often varied schedules of students, faculty, and staff
  • Providing a comprehensive and personalized choice of transportation options
  • Ensuring the safety of the user by offering trusted results and search matches
  • Further prioritizing the safety of the user by accurate accessibility information
  • Serving as a revenue source for drivers