Innovation Labs

About Our Labs

Florida Poly’s commitment to teaching through doing becomes easier with the high quality of our Innovation Labs. These labs bring textbook learning to life and give students the chance to test their big ideas on some of the most advanced equipment available.

Supercomputing Lab

This high-performance lab allows students to perform complex calculations, run simulations and create highly detailed data maps.

Entrepreneurship Lab

Research results become market-driven products through the testing that happens in this lab.

Cyber Gaming & Digital Media Lab

Wearable computers, media production, game development and simulated environments are just some of the innovations to come out of this lab.

Visualization and Technology Collaboration (VTC) Robotics Lab

The VTC  offers resources for students to explore both the digital realm of programming and the tactile world of mechanical engineering.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Makerspace Lab

The RAD Makerspace Lab holds 3D printing hardware, digital object scanners, AutoCAD software and RAD technology for software development.

See the MarketWatch Article.

Cyber Security Lab

Students train on an isolated network environment to develop an understanding of Cyber Security vulnerabilities and defenses.

Big Data & Health Informatics Lab

The Big Data & and Health Informatics Lab teaches students how to analyze large data sets using emerging technologies. It also houses the capabilities to develop high-tech healthcare solutions.