Kevin Aspegren

Vice President of Advancement

Kevin J. Aspegren plays a key role in developing fundraising initiatives and sponsorship opportunities as Vice President of Advancement at Florida Polytechnic University. Aspegren also oversees the teams that grow the University’s community impact and public profile: University Relations, Government Affairs and External Affairs. This role includes the title executive director of the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation, Inc.

As leader of the development teams, Aspegren’s priorities include establishing fundraising and alumni development goals and objectives for each year; communicating the needs of the University to donors and prospective donors; preparing statistical reports on fundraising activity; and researching potential donors.

Aspegren brings extensive management and higher education experience to the position. Most recently, he served as president of American University in Bulgaria, where his achievements included the first increase in new external dollars since 2008. He also held two director positions at Ohio University’s George Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. In this capacity, Aspegren connected adult learners, faculty and researchers with 700 businesses and entrepreneurs, $35 million in debt financing, $5.5 million in venture capital and $1.75 million in angel investments. The economic impact since 2006 sits around $140 million.

He has lectured and taught entrepreneurship around the world, including Serbia, Hong Kong, China, Moldova, India and Botswana. His international legacy includes establishing a Center for Entrepreneurship in many of these countries. This reflects Aspegren’s own entrepreneurial spirit, dating back to his first grounds management and services company founded in 1988. Aspegren also invested in entrepreneurs from 2001-2012 through an early-stage venture capital company called Chastain Holdings.

Aspegren has a bachelor’s degree in international business and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from Auburn University’s College of Business. He is also a professionally sponsored athlete who participates in ultra-endurance cycling events in North America and around the world.