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Drones are no longer just high-tech toys and military machines.

Today, they’re delivering medicine to inaccessible, war-torn regions of the world and supplying critical resources to areas affected by natural disasters. But their potential will take them so much further.

Discover more about these uses and learn what the future holds for drones. This virtual event includes Florida Polytechnic University professor Dr. Dean Bushey, as well as experts from FlyMotion Unmanned Systems, a company specializing in the use of drone technology.

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#STEMTalks – Virtual Reality: A World of Immersion

Check out previous conversations from the #STEMTalks archive. Most #STEMTalks, powered by Florida Poly, are hosted virtually via Google+ Hangout, enabling viewers to join the conversation live from anywhere in the world.

This featured update highlights the last #STEMTalks virtual event hosted on February 21, 2017. The event featured a virtual panel of VR experts, including Tyler Hopf, Creative Director at Iris VR, along with Russ Shepard, Director of Business Development, and Dr. James J. Friey, an expert on Business Development and Marketing and a former Navy search and rescue pilot, from Aero Simulation, Inc.

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