Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Florida Poly by viewing the calendars below.


Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is managed by the Office of the University Registrar and is updated every academic year.

Event Management System Calendar 

The Event Management System (EMS) calendar is an internal scheduling tool that Florida Poly employees use to manage room reservations. The calendar is only accessible to those who log in with a Florida Poly NetID.  To schedule, an event using the EMS calendar use your Florida Poly NetID and fill out the form. Note: When you enter an event, you can indicate that you would like your event added to the official University Calendar by selecting “Display on official University Calendar” from the “Reservation Details” screen of your “Room Request.”

Official University Calendar

The official University Calendar is accessible from and includes university-wide events/activities. The calendar is managed by University Relations. Events can be added to the calendar by indicating that you would like the event included when you enter it into EMS (see above). In cases where the “event” does not require EMS submission, you can request that it be added to the University Calendar by submitting a ticket to University Relations. Items that appear on this calendar also appear on various pages of the website (department pages, for example) and mobile app, and can be added to the Weekly Phoenix.