Office of the

Vice President of Finance and Administration

The Office of Vice President of Finance and Administration is responsible for the financial, operational, and administrative well-being of the University.

The Vice President and Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the operations of the University and its financial affairs. My administration includes the following seven departments: Facilities and Safety Services; University Controller’s Office; Procurement and Auxiliary Enterprises; Technology Services Department; the University Police Department; and Human Resources; and Enterprise Systems.

We focus on developing initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes and to support and promote the strategic goals and initiatives of the University. In doing so, we strive to provide the highest quality support services to the University through effective business partnering.

We provide students, faculty, and staff with well-run infrastructure and services to effectively carry out the research, teaching, outreach and the public service mission of the University.

We seek and implement innovative solutions and best practices to support the changing needs and environment of the University.

We support informed decision making by collecting, analyzing and reporting on data, and leveraging that data to improve the performance of the University.

We are proactive stewards of the University's resources and services, balancing constituent needs while protecting and enhancing them and ensuring compliance and safety.


Mark Mroczkowski

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The Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration is a dual role.

University Operations and Administration 

As the vice president of administration, the office is responsible for developing and managing University operations including, Facilities and Safety Services, Police, Procurement and Auxiliary Enterprises, Human Resources, and Technology Services.

Financial Operations

As the chief financial officer, the office is responsible for developing and overseeing the budget process; financial planning, analysis and reporting; finance, treasury, and accounting operations; and procurement for the University.

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