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The Florida Polytechnic University Library’s collection is in digital format to support all degree programs. Resources include databases, reference materials, journals and ebooks. Students access these resources through the student portal. The Poly Portal allows students to have access to resources licensed and made available only to the Florida Polytechnic University community.

Students and faculty can access the library and its holdings from any Internet-accessible computer or tablet. With their Florida Polytechnic University ID cards, students have borrowing privileges at all State University System and State College libraries. Learning resources available to Florida Polytechnic University faculty and students include:

  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Microsoft Dream Spark
  • Microsoft Office
  • Solidworks: 3D Design, Documentation and Engineering Analysis software
  • Turnitin
  • Pearson My Lab (Math)
  • Gale Career Transitions
  • Purple Briefcase
  • ProQuest Flow

With 93 percent of app developers targeting smartphones, Florida Poly provides mobile-responsive resources as well as several classes that use learning resources like MyLabs from Pearson and i-Clicker technology.


To promote intellectual discovery in an innovative, user-centered learning environment; provide specialized resources; and support opportunities for every Florida Poly student and scholar to connect, collaborate and anticipate technological progress.


The Florida Polytechnic University Library will be a central hub of student success by providing a variety of information-based services including learning support programs, career services, academic tutoring, and student success workshops.

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