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Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs provides essential services to equip students to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. 

Florida Polytechnic University is a campus full of opportunities for a student to develop their personal potential.  Many transformative experiences occur beyond the classroom, and Student Affairs is your campus connection in helping each student explore interests and find purpose.

Student Affairs programming collectively reaches to develop students with the guidance of four primary values:  Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation and Adaptability.   These values provide a pathway for all Florida Poly students to experience the University at its fullest. 

2020 has been and will continue to be a challenging year.  The health and well-being of our students, along with our students’ academic and professional success, remains top priorities, and Student Affairs continues to connect students with a wide range of programs and initiatives designed to nurture holistic well-being, support academic needs, and advance career-ready skills.   

Challenge is not a word that a Phoenix flies away from!  Florida Poly students continue to achieve personal bests and are developing into the STEM leaders of tomorrow.  Student Affairs aims to be a key piece in every student’s personal success at Florida Polytechnic University.


Dr. Kathryn Miller

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Keeping You Connected to the Phoenix Experience

Stay connected and engaged with the campus and each other by visiting the virtual student union website where all of your need-to-know resources, programs, and services are located.
vitural student union
The Florida Poly Virtual Student Union is a digital hub for students that is designed to make remote learning and campus engagement – from wherever you are – a little bit easier.
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Student Success

We believe in a connected community and our campus culture is driven to help you make the most of your university experience inside and outside the classroom. 
The Academic Success Center is staffed by success coaches who provide academic coaching on a variety of topics, including time management, test preparation, and test-taking skills.
We understand the importance of feeling prepared, and we are committed to your success here and beyond. That's why we have resources to support you in your continued career development.


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Florida Poly Cares

We're fully commited to supporting student health and overall wellness by offering services, programs, and resources outside the classroom.
The college years are a time for change, exploration, and growth. Our health and wellness team strives to support students as they learn to cope with the stresses of college and prepare to thrive after graduation.
Physical activity is the secret ingredient behind many students’ personal and academic success. It’s been shown to have significant, measurable effects on both academic performance and mental health while improving physical fitness. 

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