Student Pantry

No one should go hungry or want for basic needs. To help support the wellbeing of our students, the Florida Poly Food Pantry is available to all students. It’s located in Academic Success Center East (on the first floor of residence hall 2) and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition to food items, toiletries are also available at no cost.

Picking up items

Students are encouraged to stop by anytime during business hours. If it’s after hours, students can contact campus police to gain access to the food pantry at any time.



The food pantry relies heavily on donations. Priority items include canned meals, canned fruit, snacks, and toiletry items.

Donations are accepted year round. Community members can donate in any number of ways:

  • Through our Amazon Wish List
  • By dropping off items off during normal business hours.
  • Through any of the donation drives held throughout the year.




For additional information contact the Academic Success Center at 863-874-8642.