Student Success

Student Success provides essential services that directly support the student experience at Florida Poly.

Florida Poly is fully committed to supporting its students inside and outside the classroom and the University offers services and resources to assist students in their academic pursuits. 

The Student Success Center is staffed by success coaches who provide academic coaching on a variety of topics, including freshman student adjustment to the university. 

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Student Resources

There are a number of guided learning sessions available each week during the academic year to ensure students can excel academically.

Success Coaches are located in the IST and are available to meet with students about any number of topics.   Email for an appointment.  


Florida Poly's digital library collection is in digital format to support all degree programs. Resources include databases, reference materials, journals and ebooks.

Incorporate these Metacognitive Study Strategies to come up with new, more effective study techniques.

We're committed to helping our student veterans transition from military to civilian life successfully.

The Study Cycle, adapted from Frank Christ’s PLRS system by the LSU Center for Academic Success and discussed by Saundra McGuire in her book Teach Yourself How to Learn, is a guide to help you build effective studying into your everyday life.

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