Applied Liberal Studies Certificate

Applied Liberal Studies Certificate

Strengthening STEM through Liberal Arts

“It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

Steve Jobs
Apple co-founder
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Florida Polytechnic University supports our students’ desire to gain strong educational foundations in all areas that interest them. The curiosity that fuels our student leaders and innovators encompasses science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but it also extends to literature, humanities, history, and many other subjects within the liberal arts and social sciences.

The Applied Liberal Studies Certificate provides students an opportunity to delve deeply into meaningful and fascinating subjects while developing the skills employers seek.

Benefits of Liberal Arts Study

Research shows that students who engage in liberal arts study experience:

How it Works

The Applied Liberal Studies Certificate is open to students pursuing any major. The 12-credit concentration focuses on expanding students’ foundations in the liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Students can apply up to nine hours of transfer credit toward the certificate, which is completed alongside a student’s chosen degree.

The result is a graduate who is well-rounded and attractive to employers looking for truly exceptional applicants in competitive STEM fields.

Interested students should review the catalog listing for the Applied Liberal Studies Certificate as well as the rules and requirements for certificate programs of study.


Certificate Core

Students take three approved courses (9 credits) in the liberal arts, humanities, and/or social sciences, at least one of which must be above the 2000 level.

  • AMH 2010: American History to 1877
  • AMH 2020: American History Since 1877
  • AMH 2930: Special Topics
  • ECO 3930: Special Topics
  • HIS 3930: Special Topics in History
  • HUM 2020: Introduction to the Humanities
  • HUM 2022: Explorations in the Humanities
  • HUM 3930: Special Topics in the Humanities
  • LIT 2000: Introduction to Literature
  • LIT 3930: Special Topics in Literature and Culture

Certificate Capstone

Students take one 4000-level course (3 credits) that serves as the research- and writing-intensive certificate capstone. To enroll in either of these courses, students must have completed the certificate core.

  • ENC 4930: Advanced Study in Technical and Professional Writing
  • IDS 4930: Applied Liberal Studies Seminar

Spring 2020 Courses

The following Spring 2020 courses will count toward the Applied Liberal Studies Certificate:

  • AMH 2010: US History to 1877
  • AMH 2020: US History since 1877
  • AMH 2930: Business, Advertising & Consumerism in US History
  • HUM 2020: Introduction to Humanities
  • LIT 2000: Introduction to Literature [new course]
  • HIS 3930: History of Science and Technology [new course]

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