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Students at Florida Polytechnic University are encouraged to dream up big, bold ideas and connect with peers who can help make them a reality. Phoenix Nest was designed to help make this happen. With structured support and expert guidance, students can flesh out ideas, build teams of peers with critical skill sets, access campus resources, and take a project from abstract idea to an operating business. Take a step toward changing the world with your big idea and join the Phoenix Nest.

How does it work?

STEP 1: Document.

Visit and add your idea. Don’t worry, it stays private until you decide to share it or start seeking teammates. You own 100% of the rights to your idea, subject to the University IP policy.

STEP 2: Connect.

When you’re ready, share your idea with others in the nest and put out a call for team members who can help make it happen. Your peers with the right skills can now start working with you to move it forward. You can also join someone else’s team if their idea inspires you.

STEP 3: Engage.

The more you put into Phoenix Nest, the more you’ll get from it. The effort-based support methodology allocates resources and support to encourage commitment and follow-through. Check out the Nest’s Resources Hub to discover help you may not know is available and embrace the Phoenix Nest entrepreneurial education to help you nurture your project.

STEP 4: Create.

Working with your team, you’ll develop a realized version of your idea. In this real-life play space, you can tweak, adjust and prepare to engage with actual customers.

STEP 5. Succeed.

Phoenix Nest creates a natural pathway to go from concept to fully developed business if you have the drive to make it happen. Along the way, you’ll receive support and guidance from industry professionals to help you through the prototype stage and connect with actual users.

With structure, education, support, and guidance, Florida Poly Phoenix Nest users have an entrepreneurial edge and a framework for success.

Phoenix Nest Innovation Pathway

Phoenix Nest Innovation Pathway