Rico Despiau

Human Resources Coordinator
Federico Despiau

Phone 863-874-8507

Location Florida Poly South

Office LTB-1145

Directory Department of Human Resources

Federico (Rico) Despiau joined Florida Polytechnic University in February 2018 in the Admissions Department. When the human resource coordinator role opened one year later, Despiau felt a tug to apply since it fit his personality and the things he loves doing. 

In his role as a recruiter, Despiau assists the hiring managers in the Academic Affairs Division, Advancement, University Relations, and offices of the President and General Counsel. Despiau enjoys facilitating the interaction between new employees and their supervisors to enable a smooth transition to the workplace. Despiau also develops and tests all processes regarding recruitment/HCM in Workday that improve efficiency in the human resources information system (HRIS).

Despiau consistently shares his positive attitude to all those he knows around campus. He said his current HR team “is awesome and a pleasure to work with,” and his motto is, “together we can!”

  • B.S. in Criminology, Grantham University, Kansas, 2017
  • Certificate in Human Resources Strategic Process, Grantham University, Kansas, 2020
  • Member, CUPA-HR, 2018-current