Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology is composed of professionals with backgrounds in pedagogy, instructional design, instructional technology and media, and learning assessment. The team serves academic departments, faculty, and student support units, as well as the University as a whole when it comes to instructional development and educational achievement for the benefit of employees and students. Our mission is to help faculty, students, and staff achieve their instructional and educational objectives through efficient design, quality, and delivery of media and instructional technology resources to facilitate engagement and learning. Our vision is to see Florida Poly promoted as the destination university for high-quality STEM learning.

Programs and Services

Instructional Technology brings together areas such as Canvas Learning Management System support, the University’s SIM Lab (Simulation, Instruction, and Media), Educational Outreach, and other instructional and learning services and programs.


  • Teaching Support Workshops: Demand-driven workshops where the latest research and methods are shared with interested faculty.


  • Course Design and Delivery: Design and deliver  courses using best practices for student learning and success.
  • Canvas General Support: Effectively use and troubleshoot Canvas LMS.
  • Learning Technology Enhancements: Developing engaging interactive learning experiences for courses.
    • Integrate advanced visual and auditory materials (lightboard shoots, branching scenario, voiceover recordings, green screen, screen casting,)
    • Interactive media/simulation (2D and 3D)
    • Development of digital assets for enhanced
    • Canvas graphic design for classes, clubs, and units
    • Course materials (H5P, game development, simulations, etc.)
    • Facilitate media software instruction
  • Distributed Learning Development: Design and deliver online and other distance learning experiences that meet quality standards.


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Instructional Development

Instructional Technology delivers programs and services that enrich the University learning environment for students, faculty, and academic support units and contribute to learning achievement and student success.

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Instructional Technology

The University SIM Lab and Canvas support services provide training, tools, and professional advice and consulting on any aspect of technology in instruction, course development, student projects, videos, graphics development, and much more.
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The SIM Lab serves faculty, students, and staff with a range of multi-media services, research and project space, and instructional resources and tools. Services include but are not limited to the following: photography, video recording and editing, and equipment checkout.

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