Alum helps sustain restaurants amid COVID-19

Jun 01, 2020
Matthew Giallourakis
Matthew Giallourakis ’18, M. Eng. ’20 leads logistics and process automation for Loyal Cast, a mobile software company in Palm Harbor, Florida, that has adapted its service model to assist restaurants in serving customers safely in the current COVID-19 environment.

When the emergence of COVID-19 led to overnight changes in the restaurant industry, Florida Polytechnic University alum Matthew Giallourakis and his family sprang into action.

Giallourakis ’18, M. Eng. ’20 is head of logistics and process automation for mobile software company Loyal Cast. The Palm Harbor, Florida, business was co-founded by Giallourakis’ father, Anthony Giallourakis, and brother, Michael Giallourakis, to provide restaurants a mobile solution to enhance customer retention and loyalty through the use of free meal codes that could be awarded to top customers.

With restaurants suddenly limited to takeout and delivery service in March 2020, the Loyal Cast team quickly adjusted its service model to help restaurants improve cashflow and create a touchless meal pick-up experience. Rather than giving away the digital meal codes, restaurants could allow customers to purchase them.

“A restaurant might have a limited supply chain or limited facility to make different meals, so we thought it would be a good idea for them to be able to send an invitation to customers who have purchased meal codes so the restaurant knows how many meals to make,” said Matthew Giallourakis, who earned his master’s degree in robotics engineering from Florida Poly in May 2020. “They can get all that information a day or two in advance and be able to receive the money up front and use that to facilitate making the meals.”

When customers arrive, they pick up their pre-arranged meal without having to exchange payment.
“We’re relying heavily on Matthew to bring his strong Florida Poly education and help us make some good changes to what we’re doing,” Anthony Giallourakis said.

Matthew Giallourakis said his undergraduate and graduate coursework at the University have been directly applicable to the dramatic operations shift still underway at Loyal Cast. He said much of his recent focus has been on data security and data transformation.

“I learned a lot of specific technical skills in my robotics program and a lot of different programming techniques,” Matthew Giallourakis said. “Because most business is centered around a specific software solution, I have been able to use my expertise to quickly adapt to what we needed.”

“Speaking as a father, I’m very appreciative of what Florida Poly has brought to Matthew’s life and future,” Anthony Giallourakis said. “Speaking as CEO and co-founder of Loyal Cast, it is awe inspiring to work with Matthew. He didn’t learn how to do something at Florida Poly as much as he learned how to think and take an overall problem or challenge and mold it to be addressed effectively.
“He brings technical skills to the table that allow us to accomplish things we would need a team of people to accomplish otherwise.”


Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications