Microsoft esports collaboration boosts Florida Poly gaming tournaments

Jul 06, 2020
Dylan Christensen

Senior Dylan Christensen stands with his gaming PC. Christensen helps run esports tournaments at Florida Polytechnic University.

Microsoft is lending its expertise to Florida Polytechnic University esports tournaments, boosting both their reach and reputation.

The University is working with James Lamb, a gaming expert at Microsoft in Orlando, Florida. Lamb managed a League of Legends tournament on June 24 and will also run a Rocket League 3v3 tournament on July 8.

“I’m ecstatic about this,” said Tonya Chestnut, Florida Poly’s director of student development. “It’s absolutely awesome to be able to partner with such a big name and to work with someone who has that expertise in the gaming industry and can bring that knowledge to the campus.”

Senior Dylan Christensen, who has helped run the University’s esports tournaments, said collaborating with Microsoft will further cement esports’ place at the University and build its community of gamers.

“This partnership is a great way to get our name out there and show other universities we’re serious about competing and we’d like them to compete with us, too,” said Christensen, from Venice, Florida.

“Moving forward with Microsoft is a great opportunity for Florida Poly and for our students to get out there and get recognized,” he added.

The July 8 event will be hosted entirely online on, a tournament gaming platform. Prizes will be awarded to tournament winners.

“Our STEM-based academics don’t really follow the same culture as people who are into traditional sports,” said Christensen, who is acting vice president of Florida Poly’s esports event committee and a coach for Rainbow Six Siege. “This brings something onto campus that isn’t just for people who are into sports. We can engage the students even more and give them a better experience.”

Chestnut said she hopes additional tournaments can be scheduled in partnership with Microsoft this summer and into the fall semester.

“These tournaments are something our students really enjoy, and they involve our core values in Student Affairs: collaboration, adaptability, leadership, and innovation,” Chestnut said. “You need to be able to do all four of those things to play as a team and win.”

Those interested in playing in the July 8 Rocket League tournament can register online.


Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications