Internship sparks excitement for remote coding work

Jul 31, 2020
Arthur Gelman

Florida Polytechnic University senior Arthur Gelman is completing a remote internship with MMG Fusion, a marketing and technology company based in Severna Park, Maryland.

The technical know-how that senior Arthur Gelman sharpened in his computer science courses at Florida Polytechnic University is being put into practice this summer in a remote internship with MMG Fusion, a marketing and technology company based in Severna Park, Maryland.

As a junior software developer, Gelman is working to help MMG Fusion complete its integration of a newly acquired company into its existing operations.

“My whole first training was learning how to use this new language they use for their system and how we implement it in API (application programming interface),” said Gelman, whose academic concentration is cybersecurity. “The language we’re using is very similar to what they taught us in school and most of the logic is stuff I’m already familiar with thanks to Florida Poly.”

Gelman, from Jupiter, Florida, said the internship experience has given him a taste of his ideal work setup.

“Working remotely now is really kind of a dream job,” he said. “I make my own hours and work from home, get up and code whenever I can or whenever I have an assignment due, and take breaks whenever I need to.

“It’s a lot less pressure and it feels very relaxed and chill.”

Gelman said he is happy to know that he excels at working remotely, especially since many coding positions are remote in nature.

“I was not sure what to expect from an industry-level job like this, but I was pleasantly surprised,” the graduate of Jupiter Community High School said.

Gelman encouraged other Florida Poly students who are looking for internships and other professional opportunities to be confident in their education and their skills.

“Because I was in school learning to code and learning the basics, I was unsure whether I was ready for the industry,” he said. “As soon as I started talking to companies and got into my job, I realized school has been preparing me for this all along and now I feel comfortable knowing that.”


Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications