Bottorff joins Florida Poly as VP of administration and finance

Mar 29, 2022
Dr. Allen Bottorff, vice president of administration and finance

Dr. Allen Bottorff is the new vice president of administration and finance at Florida Polytechnic University.

Dr. Allen Bottorff has joined Florida Polytechnic University as the new vice president of administration and finance.

“I’m feeling super excited; it’s an incredible opportunity,” Bottorff said. “I’ve been watching the University’s development and seen its growth. It’s rare to be able to step into a leadership role so early in an institution’s development.”

Bottorff most recently worked at Polk State College as chief business officer, chief risk officer, and vice president for the college’s business administration and finance division. He previously served as vice president of the finance and administration division for Northeast State Community College in Blountville, Tennessee, and director of downtown campus facilities for the finance and administration division of the University of Central Florida.

“We are delighted to have Allen join our team,” said Dr. Randy K. Avent, Florida Poly’s president. “As we continue charting our path forward, Florida Poly will benefit from his wealth of experience and deep background in financial, human resources, and administrative areas.”

In his new role, Bottorff will serve as the University’s chief financial officer, overseeing budgetary processes, financial planning, accounting operations, and procurement. He also will oversee University operations and administration, including human resources, auxiliary enterprises, and facility and safety services.

Bottorff, who originally studied aerospace engineering in college before shifting to civil engineering, said he is eager to contribute to the success of Florida’s only state university dedicated entirely to engineering and applied sciences.

“One of the beautiful things about Florida Poly is that it can determine its own fate,” he said. “While other institutions are really ingrained in their old systems, it’s time for us to say how do we smooth any rough edges and what do we do to support the future that we want to move to?”

Bottorff is joined in Florida by his wife, Emilie, and their young daughter. As he settles into the position, the Basinger, Florida, native is eager to return to the family hobby of beekeeping – an experience that translates to his work on campus.

“You have this ecosystem that’s already established and every piece of it runs toward efficiency. Your job as the beekeeper is to not get in the way, but to make sure the hive stays healthy” he said. “If you see threats – mites, moths, ants, what have you – you work to change the associated factors to create a means to get them back to efficiency and you’re always monitoring the health of the brood, the quality of the honey, the amount of the pollen.

“It’s a microcosm of servant leadership, making sure you’re serving those 40,000 industrious and amazing little insects to make sure the hive stays healthy and produces well, and that really resonates with me.”


Lydia Guzmán
Director of Communications