Florida Poly celebrates Order of the Engineer inductees

May 01, 2023
New members of the Order of the Engineer at Florida Poly.

Florida Polytechnic University recently inducted 72 graduates and alumni to the Order of the Engineer, an association for graduate and professional engineers. Photo taken at the graduates’ induction ceremony celebrated on April 26 at the University campus in Lakeland, Florida.

Florida Polytechnic University inducted 72 graduates and alumni into the Order of the Engineer, an association for graduate and professional engineers and an important annual tradition created to foster a sense of pride and responsibility in those entering an engineering career.

The University celebrated two induction ceremonies this year, one for 38 new graduates on April 26 and a second for 34 alumni on April 28. As part of the tradition, each inductee took the Obligation of an Engineer oath to pledge integrity and fairness as engineers. 

“It is an honor to witness the next generation of engineers commit to maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout their professional career,” said Dr. Sanna Siddiqui, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, who established the Florida Poly chapter of the Order of the Engineer link #332 with an inaugural ceremony held in 2022.

The keynote speaker at both events was Dr. Terry Parker, Florida Poly’s Provost. The ceremonies were conducted by Siddiqui and Dr. Elisabeth “Lisa” Kames, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and Dr. Mary Vollaro, professor and chair of the Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments.    

“The Order of the Engineer is very significant because it represents a select group of like-minded individuals who have gone through similar struggles and feats, and who are now committed to the same standards of ethics and responsibility within our engineering profession,” Vollaro said. “We are very proud of this outstanding group of engineers and are excited to see what they will accomplish in their professional careers.” 

During the ceremonies, the inductees were also presented with a stainless-steel ring as a visible symbol of their adherence to the profession. The ring is to be worn on the fifth finger of the working hand as a reminder of the oath they have taken.

“The camaraderie that we now share is something that cannot be replaced, and the stainless-steel ring that rests on the pinky finger reminds me of that,” said Gabriel Sladecek, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering with a concentration in advanced topics. “Although the ring is plain, I am excited to continue to work with these same peers to fill the ring with marks and scrapes that represent the growth that I will continue to make, and the journey that I will continue to walk as an engineer.”

The tradition of the Order of the Engineer initiated in the United States more than 50 years ago with the purpose of promoting dignity and responsibility in the engineering profession, and to bridge the gap between training and experience. The first ceremony was held at Cleveland State University in 1970, and since then similar ceremonies are celebrated each year at academic institutions across the country. 

"Being part of this ceremony is a reminder that my voice holds more weight and responsibility because I am a professional now,” said Juhyung Kim, a computer engineering major with a concentration in machine intelligence. “I take pride as an engineer and will give my honest effort to uphold the integrity and respect of my profession."


Lydia Guzmán
Director of Communications