Florida Poly student makes waves in marine engineering internship

Jul 20, 2023
Abryn Peters

Abryn Peters, a rising junior majoring in mechanical engineering at Florida Polytechnic University, is pursuing a summer internship at Measutronics in Lakeland, Florida.

Florida Polytechnic University rising junior Abryn Peters is putting his summer days to good use with an internship at Measutronics, a nationwide provider of positioning, guidance, and underwater imaging solutions for marine construction and dredging.

“I’m one of their main R&D (research and development) people,” said Peters, who is working at the company’s Lakeland, Florida location. “I’m using the computer application SolidWorks to mock up models they need help with.”

His job included traveling to Mississippi to create a housing and mount for a large laser that allows the measurement of distance from a target.

“We had an idea sketched out, which we later pitched to one of the companies that bought a laser system from us for potential revisions on the upcoming product,” Peters said. 

Additionally, he is working on manufacturing a case for another product.

“I think the work we do here is really cool,” he said. “I’m really hoping to continue with the company.”

Peters landed the position after asking Allison Pirpich, Florida Poly’s director of career services, for help finding internship leads.

“She told me about Measutronics and how they were looking for mechanical engineers, so I went to their open house and from there it was a pretty direct path to where I am today,” he said.

Once on the job, Peters said he was surprised to see how applicable his education was to his internship.

“I was expecting to see some of my college education start to get woven in, but I wasn’t expecting it to be exactly what I did in college,” he said. “It’s really close and really interesting to see.”

Now that the world of design engineering has opened up to him, Peters said he is eager to learn more and possibly pursue a career in the field.

“I’d like to help out humanity more than anything, as cheesy as that sounds,” he said. “Whether it’s helping build rockets or helping with sustainable living and housing, I would like to use my engineering to help people.

“That, ultimately, was the reason I got into this.”


Lydia Guzmán
Director of Communications