Florida Poly Alum thrives as business analyst at TECO

Mar 14, 2024
Nicholas Springett stands by the window in an office
Nicholas Springett ’20 is a business analyst at TECO Peoples Gas in Tampa, Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in business analytics from Florida Polytechnic University.

Nicholas Springett ’20 has spent the last year deepening his experience in data analytics and making significant contributions to TECO Peoples Gas in Tampa, Florida.

“When I was hired, we had a huge initiative to make everything simple and clean up relationships within our data,” said Springett, who earned his bachelor’s degree in business analytics from Florida Polytechnic University in 2020. “I am responsible for a lot of analytics and reporting with the data we get from our customers and database management.”

February marked his first year working at the utility.

“I love it. The team here is amazing and the work is challenging, but I’ve been given the freedom to learn and develop,” he said. “It’s a lot of collaboration and flexibility to dive into whichever analytics project offers the most value, which is incredible.”

Before joining TECO, Springett was a business analyst at cybersecurity technology company ReliaQuest, headquartered in Tampa.  

The path to success in both positions began at Florida Poly, where he expressed appreciation for the chance to join the new institution and thrive.

“To be part of it at the ground level and help shape it to what it is now was an incredible experience,” he said. “There was no way it wasn’t going to be successful.

“Everything I was taught has been really helpful.”

This included both technical and personal skills, he said.

“I learned about databases, SQL, and getting into the coding mindset, and that enabled me to skip past all those hurdles some people learn on the job,” Springett said. “I also got important soft skills from doing our capstone project and working with companies directly.”

Now that he’s spent several years growing in his career, Springett encourages young students to not fear setbacks as they pursue academic growth and achievements.

“Failing can enable you to learn the most,” he said. “As long as you have recovery time and you learn from it and never make that mistake again, you’re on a path for success.”


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