Drs. Faeza and Peter Kazmier’s gifts leave lasting impact at Florida Poly

May 17, 2024
Kazmier Family

Dr. Peter Kazmier and Dr. Faeza Rashid Kazmier each donated $50,000 to Florida Polytechnic University, resulting in their naming of two classrooms in the Barnett Applied Research Center. The family stands in front of the Fatima Rashid Classroom, named in honor of Dr. Faeza Rashid Kazmier’s mother. Pictured from left are Laith Kazmier, Dr. Muhammad Rashid, Dr. Fatema Rashid, Dr. Faeza Rashid Kazmier, Amal Kazmier, Dr. Peter Kazmier, Laila Kazmier, and Hannah Kazmier.

In a display of generosity and commitment to education, Dr. Faeza Rashid Kazmier and her husband, Dr. Peter Kazmier, have each made significant contributions of $50,000 to Florida Polytechnic University. Their gifts have resulted in the naming of two classrooms in their honor, symbolizing their dedication to supporting the University's mission and fostering a culture of philanthropy.

“We cannot control our circumstances of birth, but we can improve our lives with education, and we are blessed to be in America where opportunities are truly boundless,” Dr. Faeza Kazmier said. “Through these donations, we are honored to support our community and students, and we look forward to the bright future that lies within our future generations’ hands.”

The newly named classrooms are rooms 1123 and 1142 in the Barnett Applied Research Center. Room 1123 will now be known as the Dr. Fatema Rashid Classroom, paying tribute to her mother, Dr. Fatema Rashid, for her unwavering dedication and contributions to the Kazmier family. Similarly, classroom 1142 has been named the Eva Kazmier Memorial Classroom in honor of Dr. Peter Kazmier's mother.

“My husband and I picked mirror image classrooms to honor our mothers who have given and sacrificed so much for us,” Dr. Faeza Kazmier said. “We thought it would be fitting to have the reflecting rooms.”

The importance of philanthropy became evident to Dr. Faeza Kazmier as she grew up in a home without many luxuries and saw that her parents still felt compelled to give back, she said. She is the daughter of distinguished Florida Poly electrical and computer engineering professor Dr. Muhammad Rashid, who together with his wife has founded several scholarships and recently launched the University’s first endowed chair. 

“My parents believe and know education changes lives, influencing generations as it has for themselves,” she said. “They demonstrate true altruism, and I am honored they are my parents. I hope to be as capable of this level of altruism as well and always keep in the back of my mind that I have to make sure this is a part of my life plan – philanthropy is my opportunity to do so.”

The strong support of the Rashid and Kazmier families is something the entire University is grateful for, said Kathy Bowman, Florida Poly’s vice president for advancement and CEO of the Florida Poly Foundation.

“Drs. Peter and Faeza Kazmier’s generosity and support are incredible to see,” Bowman said. “Through this support, Florida Poly will be able to advance many educational opportunities for our talented STEM students.” 


Lydia Guzmán
Director of Communications