Advanced Technology Majors Focus on Big Data Analytics

Jun 03, 2015

The field of big data analytics involves data sets of extreme size, diversity and complexity. At Florida Polytechnic University, students who pursue a degree in Advanced Technology with a concentration in Big Data Analytics gain specialized knowledge in decision analysis, data mining, programming and data analytics.

Big data analytics allow businesses and organizations to extract and synthesize useful information from sources that range from blogs and tweets to consumer and labor data. The Big Data Analytics concentration is a part of the Advanced Technology degree at Florida Poly. The results may reveal customer buying habits, health trends or employment patterns, for example. Companies value big data analytics, which improve consumer engagement and the bottom line.

Florida Poly has outlined key factors that students should know about when pursuing a career in big data analytics.


The Big Data Analytics concentration for Advanced Technology majors at Florida Poly allows students to manipulate and analyze big data in real time by using the University’s high-capacity, high-performance supercomputer. Students work alongside prestigious faculty and staff on projects and assignments to solve real-world challenges. In the Big Data Analytics concentration, students have the opportunity to:

  • Process a high volume and variety of data at a high velocity to yield results
  • Develop computing models to predict behaviors, trends and outcomes
  • Learn best practices for collecting, analyzing and storing large amounts of data

The Big Data Analytics curriculum offers students advanced knowledge that prepares them for employment opportunities upon graduation.

Post-Graduate Opportunities

A report by Forbes concluded that “demand for big data expertise across a range of occupations saw significant growth over the last twelve months,” with the trend projected to continue.

As the demand for big data analytics grows, employers are seeking data scientists who can combine technical expertise with creative thinking and communication skills. At Florida Poly, students are immersed in their degree program and concentration from the first day of enrollment. Students gain hands-on experience in small class sizes and participate in clubs and activities outside the classroom in fun challenges that give them skills they need after graduation.

Florida Poly’s cutting-edge technology, hands-on approach and internship opportunities provide students with the tools to compete in the marketplace and lead as big data professionals and entrepreneurs. Both inside and outside the classroom, students are encouraged to solve real-world challenges by participating in individual and team projects that give them skills and experience.

Big Data Analytics Salaries

Students who graduate with a degree in Advanced Technology and focus on Big Data Analytics can expect employment across industries – including healthcare, retail, finance and manufacturing.

Florida Poly graduates who enter the workforce in an entry-level position can expect salaries to range from $50,000 to $75,000. As individuals accelerate in their careers to mid- to senior-level positions, salaries range from $90,000 to $145,000.

Students who have questions or want more information on a degree in Advanced Technology with a concentration in Big Data Analytics should visit Florida Polytechnic University’s Academics page.