Boring Business Solutions makes Florida Polytechnic University a priority

Jul 06, 2018
Boring Business Solutions makes Florida Polytechnic University a priority
Boring Business Systems has been serving the Lakeland, Central Florida and Tampa areas since 1924. The company recently made a generous gift to Florida Polytechnic University. Dean Boring, its chief executive officer and president, is pictured with a Royal Typewriter, Model 10, from 1923.

If you stop by Florida Polytechnic University’s Innovation, Science and Technology Building (IST), you’re probably not going to find a manual adding machine or even an electric typewriter. You’ll be hard-pressed, though, to miss the supercomputer or 3-D printers that typify the latest in technological advances. However, the IST now holds a very strong link between the technology of yesteryear and those of today – through a gift from Boring Business Systems.

For nearly a century, Boring has been a fixture in the Lakeland community. Recently, the family-owned company made a gift to Florida Poly to name multiple offices in the IST.

Boring Business Systems IST Campus Room

“I don’t think everyone understands the impact Florida Poly is going to have on the community… [the impact] it already has,” said Dean Boring, who has been the company’s chief executive officer and president since 1980. “Anybody would be crazy to not want to support to the fullest degree a state university in their community because of its impact on employment, education and the economy.”

In addition to Boring’s financial commitment to Florida Poly, the company has provided valuable internship opportunities to its students which further serves to strengthen the tie between the university and the tech-focused company.

Boring was originally established in 1924 by Boring’s grandfather, Frank Myers. Dean’s father, Allan Boring, took over the company in 1952 before Dean took the reins 38 years ago. Today, the company serves several hundred clients with a variety of business services with a focus on two critical areas – printers and copiers along with managed network services.

Their managed network services division has grown at lightning speed as businesses continue to arm themselves against the latest cyber threats. In fact, since 2013, it has become one of the most popular services offered by the company with revenues increasing nearly thirtyfold.

“There are people of all ages and countries focusing particularly on small businesses,” said Boring. “They are targeting small companies who might not be as sophisticated to watch out for this sort of thing.”

Boring says the key to the company’s long-term success has been its ability to accept new technology and challenging themselves to make the transition from one to another.

“We’re in the technology business, and fortunately technology changes generally for the better,” Boring said. “We’re all about customer service. We do whatever it takes to keep them productive so they can run their businesses.”

Lydia Guzman
Assistant Director of Communications