How is Computer Science Different from Computer Engineering?

Nov 14, 2014

When it comes to STEM education, one question that constantly arises is the difference between computer science and computer engineering. When selecting the appropriate major, it’s important to understand what makes each area of study distinct.

Computer Science

What is computer science engineering? Computer science is the study of how instructions and data are processed and communicated by devices. This science is concerned primarily with software design—computation, programing and so forth. A computer science engineering degree combines mathematics, engineering and creativity. Computer scientists study algorithmic methods for transmitting and transforming information. They also study the theory of computation and computer architecture. Software systems, the study of larger program structure, and artificial intelligence are also components of computer science engineering degree.

Computer science emerged in the 1950s after the development of computability theory and the invention of the stored-program electronic computer. Today, computer science is still rooted strongly in mathematics and engineering.

Computer scientists create things like simulations, software, operating systems and video games. Individuals with computer science degrees may be qualified for positions with such as programmer, systems analyst, software engineer or developer.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering has been called a hybrid of computer science and electrical engineering. Computer engineers are electrical engineers who specialize in software or hardware designs, or systems design that utilizes both software and hardware.

A computer science engineering degree is the study of computing in all forms and involves design and prototyping of computing systems. It is based in computer science and electrical engineering with a strong foundation of the physical sciences and mathematics. Computer engineering majors can expect courses in digital and logic design as well as processor interfacing.

Individuals with computer engineering degrees,may be qualified for such job titles as systems engineer, software engineer, hardware engineer and network architect, among others.

We live in the programmable world, and it’s only getting bigger. Both computer engineering and computer science require a certain type of intelligence that employs both left and right brain capabilities. One thing is certain: These two studies will enable great growth and potential for society for generations to come.

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