Determination breeds success for Florida Polytechnic University alumna

Nov 04, 2019
Determination breeds success for Florida Polytechnic University alumna
Florida Polytechnic University alumna Alieth Rodríguez ’18 is finding success as a product engineer at Micro Matic in Brooksville, Florida.

When Alieth Rodríguez ’18 pauses to looks at the life she is building for herself and her family, she’s proud of the sacrifices and hard work it took to earn a bachelor’s degree from Florida Polytechnic University and begin her promising engineering career.

“Every single class gave me a little of what I need right now,” Rodríguez said.

Rodríguez is a product engineer at Micro Matic, a company that produces industrial closed chemical systems and draft beer equipment in Brooksville, Florida. She works to improve existing products and to find more effective ways to produce them.

“I’m so happy at this company and I see myself growing into a management position here,” She said. “This company sees a lot of potential in me and they are willing to let me try different areas to develop.”

Rodríguez, 35, started working toward an industrial engineering degree in her home country of Colombia and traveled to the United States in 2009 through a work exchange program. She returned to school several years later and completed her mechanical engineering degree at Florida Poly while also working full time, completing an internship, and caring for a new baby. She said she felt grateful to have strong support from her mother and husband while she pursued her dream.

Since graduating debt-free from the University in December 2018, Rodríguez has settled into her job at Micro Matic and a happy life with her husband and her 18-month-old son, Tiago Andrés.

She said Florida Poly’s challenging courses, rigorous pace, and supportive faculty set her up for personal and professional success.

“Florida Poly gave me the skills and the knowledge and now I’m putting my skills to work,” Rodríguez said. “I finally graduated and I’m still learning – you never stop learning, but now I’m being paid for it.”

Rodríguez said she will continue supporting the University as she grows in her career. She attends alumni events, makes financial contributions, and even does her online shopping through Amazon Smile to contribute a portion of her purchases to the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation.

“My advice for people starting at Florida Poly or even for seniors is to really take advantage of what the school provides you because you won’t have that once you’re out,” Rodríguez said. “Whatever my example or life experience can give back to Florida Poly, I would be happy to give back.”

Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications