How Florida Polytechnic University Benefits Students and Parents: A Chat with Lauren

Nov 07, 2013

I’m Lauren Willison, and I’ve been an admissions counselor at Florida Polytechnic University since July. Before joining the Florida Poly recruitment team, I worked at Edison State College in several departments, including the student life, admissions and the orientation departments

As an admissions counselor, I attend college fairs and talk with students and guidance counselors at high schools around the state, spreading the word about Florida Poly. I cover a lot of ground including the Panhandle through Levy County, Polk County and Southwest Florida through Lee County. The most common questions I get from parents and students during my travels are related to program offerings and average class sizes. With such a concentrated focus on applied research in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Florida Poly has highly specialized courses and some of the smallest class sizes you’ll find at a university. In fact, Florida Poly’s average class size will be about 20 students, making our classes smaller than most high school classes as well. Having smaller classes allows students more one-on-one time with professors, giving them a richer and more personalized university experience. In addition to that personalized experience, I think one of the coolest things about choosing Florida Poly – especially in its inaugural year – is that students will have the opportunity to create their alma mater’s customs and culture. That’s something really special that no other school in the state can offer!