What Florida Polytechnic University Can Offer Students: A Conversation with Richy

Jul 14, 2017

I’m Richy Truncale, admissions counselor at Florida Poly covering the greater Tampa Bay area. I’ve worked for Florida Poly since July, spending most of my time on the road visiting high schools and speaking with students about the opportunities available at Florida Poly. I visit about 10 to 12 schools a week, speaking with counselors and answering questions prospective students might have about their applications or admissions in general.

I enjoy letting prospective students know about the great scholarship opportunities available at Florida Poly, but I really want them to learn about the great learning and networking opportunities an education at Florida Poly will offer. We’re here to help our students get the skills and knowledge they need to secure a job after graduation, and that’s something that sets us apart from a lot of other universities. We want to make sure that our students get everything they need to succeed after graduation from Florida Poly.

Aside from having a great experience during their time at Florida Poly, I hope our students learn how to innovate in technology, healthcare and other fields that improve conditions in our society and make the world a better place. I hope we get the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs walking through our doors. Our students are going to be able to network in the largest cities in Florida and around the nation to get great jobs and to truly do something special.

Because we’re a new university, we’re all in this together: parents, students, faculty and staff. We’re helping new students, and in turn, they’re helping us build the university. You can’t really compare that to an experience available at any other school.

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