Florida Polytechnic University Work Plan Approved by Board of Governors

Jun 19, 2013

The State University System of Florida Board of Governors (BOG) unanimously approved Florida Polytechnic University’s 2013-2014 Work Plan at a meeting at the University of South Florida.

Approval of the plan was a major milestone, as it enables Florida Poly to move forward with its strategies to recruit students, hire faculty, develop curriculum and establish industry partnerships.

Chairman of Florida Poly’s Board of Trustees Rob Gidel, Chief Operating Officer Ava L. Parker, Vice President of Academic Affairs Ghazi Darkazalli, Ph.D., PE, and Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs Mary Carpenter, Ed.D., presented the plan.

Gidel greeted the BOG on behalf of the university and Parker defined Florida Poly’s mission and vision and explained the strategies that will be implemented to establish a student-centered academic environment. The plan includes offering experiential learning, cutting-edge programs, internships, applied research opportunities and an academically rigorous curriculum that is currently being developed. To give Florida Poly graduates a competitive edge, finance and leadership training will be integrated into the academic programs.

Parker explained that faculty recruitment has begun, and Florida Poly seeks instructors with both industry and academic experience. Florida Poly has already hired its first Assistant Professor, Rob MacCuspie, Ph.D., a research chemist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The presentation included a short video from MacCuspie, who will serve as the Director of Nanotechnology and Multifunctional Materials. He will join Florida Poly full time in October and will be instrumental in developing curriculum.

Darkazalli presented a timeline for implementation of the strategies. Key dates include:


He also discussed student recruitment and enrollment projections. Recruitment has begun and Florida Poly is exploring opportunities with the Florida State College System, public and private high schools, veterans and international schools.

To attract top students, Florida Poly’s Board is considering ways to offer scholarships and to offset tuition costs for the inaugural class.

“We are pleased that the Board of Governors approved our work plan. The plan serves as a roadmap and outlines our strengths and opportunities, and includes all the necessary components we need to carry out our mission,” said Parker.

“We are confident that we will meet all our goals and hire distinguished faculty and 500 full-time equivalent students when our classes begin in August 2014,” she added.

Florida Poly was among the 12 state universities that presented their work plan during the BOG meeting. Each year, all Florida state universities present their work plans which act as a comprehensive planning and accountability framework for the State University System. The plans outline the future goals of each university.