Florida Polytechnic University Partners with Nanotechnology Firms to Advance Training Research

Jan 31, 2014

LAKELAND, Fla. – Two nanotechnology-based companies are recognizing the value of partnering with Florida Polytechnic University, as they grow a highly trained workforce to meet the diversity of industry needs for products engineered and improved with nanoscale technologies.

Florida Polytechnic University is introducing an undergraduate program in the emerging field of nanotechnology, which studies and controls materials at the atomic, molecular and supramolecular level. Nanotechnology allows scientists to re-engineer and improve everyday products by manipulating their nanoscale properties.

The first two nanotechnology companies to partner with Florida Poly are:

  • nanoComposix, Inc. of San Diego, California, which employs scientists, physicists, chemists and engineers. The rapidly growing R&D company develops innovative nanomaterials for research and commercial markets.
  • NanoTecNexus of San Diego, a nonprofit corporation that promotes advances in nanotechnology by identifying and tracking innovative nanotech applications in areas ranging from diagnostics to medical devices. Founded in 2004, the organization recently expanded its mission to include education about the nanosciences in K-12 schools and with the general public.

Dr. Steven Oldenburg, Chief Executive Officer of nanoComposix, Inc., says “The field of nanoengineering is at a tipping point where exciting and novel applications are rapidly being commercialized. Florida Polytechnic’s Nanotechnology program will prepare students with the critical skills necessary to leverage novel nanoscale properties into unprecedented game-changing products.”

“If we are to fulfill the promise of solving the world’s problems with nanotechnology, we need more problem solvers and innovators,” said Adriana Vela, Chief Executive Officer of NanoTecNexus. “The focus and dedication of Florida Polytechnic’s industry partnership program is very synergistic and will pave the way for exciting opportunities in the future.”

The company is interested in exploring applied research opportunities, mentoring students and helping to inform curriculum to meet industry demand.

The Nanotechnology program in Florida Poly’s College of Engineering trains students in the use of specialized instruments, fabrication processes, and advanced analysis methods to create smarter materials and devices with unlimited applications.

Florida Poly distinguishes itself as one of only a handful of STEM universities in the country that offers a focused nanotechnology curriculum at the undergraduate level. Florida Poly students will be able to explore the ways scientists and engineers are using nanoscale technologies to improve products, such as creating higher strength, lighter weight and greater chemical reactivity.

Dr. Robert MacCuspie, Director of the Nanotechnology Program at Florida Poly, said, “Partnering with these two companies is important, because both are solely focused on nanotechnology and the potential applications of nanoscience, from revolutionizing everyday products to nanomedicines improving how we fight diseases.”

He noted that with “high tech globalization and world-wide corporate research and development teams, Florida Poly and our nanotechnology companies may not be close geographically, but we are on the same team as partners, sharing resources and pursuing joint opportunities.”

For more information on the University’s Nanotechnology Program, visit the University website at http://staging-floridapoly.kinsta.com/degree/mechanical-engineering/.