Founding SGA Signs Student Constitution

Feb 23, 2015

Complete with an Executive branch, 12 Senators and a Constitution – it’s official! In February, students elected the Legislative and Judicial branches, after electing executive leadership in the fall term. With the signing of the Constitution, the Florida Poly SGA is now formally operated by the students and for the students, a highly visible testament to democracy at the college level.

“This means that the students now have the ability to have their disagreements and concerns heard by the [SGA’s] Supreme Court; have their feelings, minds, and opinions expressed to the Senate; and have their wants and desires taken care of by the Executive leadership,” explained Dana Kwiatkowski, student life coordinator.

  • The executive branch includes a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.
  • The legislative branch is comprised of senators represented by undergraduate majors, class years, graduate degree programs and on- and off-campus students. The legislative branch will grow as the University grows.
  • The judicial branch is the SGA Supreme Court. The seven justices are appointed by the executive branch and approved by the Senate.

The SGA not only gives politically minded students the opportunity to learn about the workings of democracy in a hands-on experience, the organization also approves, funds and regulates campus-sponsored clubs, advocates for students and their rights, and works to provide a positive college experience to all students at Florida Polytechnic University.

“The SGA is the voice of the students. The SGA works to advocate for the students to the administration,” said Andrei Moss, president of SGA and a Computer Science major. “Being president is an amazing experience. I get to interact with students and have the responsibility of delegating tasks and working with the administration.”