Graduation Ceremony Held for Merit Students

Jul 10, 2013

For the students who participated in the MERIT Summer Robotics Camp, the program may be over, but the memories will live on forever.

MERIT, which stands for Medical Engineering and Robotics Innovation for Tomorrow, was a joint effort between Florida Poly, All Saints Academy, and the Robotics Institute and Center for Urology at Winter Haven Hospital.

The program lasted four weeks and ended with a graduation dinner on June 26. During the evening, each student gave a presentation and showcased what they learned throughout the program.

And they sure learned a lot!

The students attended lectures about medical engineering from healthcare and academic experts and gained hands-on experience using surgical robotics and technology including the DaVinci Robotic Platform. Additionally, each student received their own Romo Robot, which is operated by a smartphone and has interactive capabilities.

The class also witnessed the landing of an emergency medical helicopter in the Florida Poly parking lot. The students were able to get a tour of the helicopter and to view all of the technology involved in getting patients immediate medical attention.

View photos and a video from the graduation.