Hospital Network Target of Cyber Security Competition

May 05, 2017
Hospital Network Target of Cyber Security Competition
A recent competition at Florida Polytechnic University tested students’ ability to find vulnerabilities in a hospital’s network.


The Medical Offensive Security Competition was a student-led event that combined the concentrations of Health Informatics and Cyber Security. Electronic healthcare records and medical devices, like other computer systems, are vulnerable to security breaches that impact the safety and treatment of patients. Drs. Susan LeFrancois and Kanwalinderjit Gagneja joined forces with students, Max Farrell, Alexander Fronteddu and Jonah Loctar to recreate those weaknesses.

Their product was a mock hospital network, complete with patient records that had multiple flags embedded in them for students to discover and collect points. The students with the most number of points in this competition were provided Raspberry Pis as a reward. Four students, Andrei Moss, Emanuel Tirado, Jared Taylor and Gabriel Hutchison, worked together on a team to win the competition. Industry representatives and students judged the creativity portion of the event.

Before the event started, Mr. Bill Hart, Biomedical Supervisor at Lakeland Regional Health, and Mr. Russ Miller, Vice President of Technology Services at Impulse Point, discussed the importance of Cyber Security in the medical field. At the end of the event, students were introduced to the possibility of future careers in healthcare.

With this network now in place, the Medical Offensive Security student and faculty team will be adding additional medical devices to test students, and partner with medical device companies in the area in order to provide a talented workforce.