International Agreement Opens Up Research Opportunity

May 10, 2017
International Agreement Opens Up Research Opportunity

Florida Polytechnic University students can develop and research green technology in one of the fastest growing countries in the world thanks to a newly signed agreement with Panjab University in India.

The agreement opens up a talent exchange between the universities, allowing selected professors and students to collaborate and take advantage of world-class research facilities.

A memorandum of understanding was officially signed in late April during a three-day conference on Green Chemistry/Engineering and Technology at Panjab University in northern India.

The conference brought together more than 200 delegates from around the world to present research and education programs on promising green technologies and discuss current obstacles to implementation and research. Dr. Jaspreet Dhau, assistant professor of chemistry at Florida Poly and director of the initiative, said each panel discussion and lecture was packed.

“India is investing a lot into clean energy and I think that accounted for the full house,” Dhau says. “Right now industries in India are coming to universities searching for solutions to clean energy generation, energy storage, waste disposal and pollution prevention, and we’re prepared to provide those answers.”

Dr. Sesha Srinivasan, co-director and assistant professor of physics, echoed his colleague’s sentiment. This joint venture increases Florida Poly’s research capabilities and will serve as a powerful recruiting tool for students shopping for a graduate program, he says.

“This will have a great impact on our students,” Srinivasan says.