Launching Florida Polytechnic Universitys Legacy: A Message from Beth Pierpont

Dec 09, 2013

Hi everyone, I’m Beth Pierpont, director of admissions here at Florida Poly. I oversee all student recruitment efforts, working closely with our counselors to ensure we reach every high school and college fair in order to spread the word about Florida Poly. I also work closely with Scott Rhodes, Florida Poly’s executive director of enrollment services, and will be heavily involved with the Florida Poly Premiere, taking place at movie theaters across the state beginning December 14.

After spending eight years in the law school admissions field, I was ready to move into undergraduate admissions and felt there was no better place to do so than at Florida Poly. It’s very exciting to work for a STEM-focused university that’s brand new! It’s always great to speak with students and hear how eager they are to launch Florida Poly’s legacy. The students in Florida Poly’s inaugural class are going to be a vital part of the Florida Poly experience because they will help shape the traditions and culture for future students, an experience that no other university in the state can promise.

My favorite experiences as a member of the Florida Poly recruitment team have been when I get the chance to meet members of the community to spread news about the innovative opportunities Florida Poly has to offer. Whether I’m attending high school fairs, participating in the Industry Partner Summit or planning our upcoming campus tours, being part of Florida Poly experience is rewarding, welcoming and exciting for me. I can’t wait to share this experience with our first class of students when we open our doors in August!