Nanotechnology Careers

Apr 08, 2015

University’s degree program in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Florida Poly’s extensive curriculum provides students the opportunity to earn an Engineering Degree with a special concentration in the cutting-edge field of nanotechnology.

Just what is nanotechnology? This emerging field incorporates engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science, biology, and a growing number of other disciplines. Literally, the “science of the small,” nanoscience focuses on manipulating matter at the level of atoms, molecules, and supramolecular structures to address challenges ranging from medicine to manufacturing.

Florida Polytechnic University’s students enrolled in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Degree Program will be prepared to enter the field of nanotechnology and lead the nation’s high-tech industries. If you’re thinking about earning your engineering degree and entering the field of nanotechnology, here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What does Florida Polytechnic University’s nanotechnology concentration entail?

The Nanotechnology concentration in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Degree program provides students the opportunity to design and create materials for applications in industries, such as manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals and aerospace. In this program, students have the opportunity to:

  • Discover how to develop next-generation medical devices and drug delivery systems
  • Propose funded research in nanoscience technologies
  • Design nano-engineered materials for composite materials such as baseball bats and automobile parts
  • Pioneer cutting-edge transistors that are powerful and energy efficient

What skills and classes do students need to prepare for nanotechnology careers?

Students must complete coursework in nanoscience, physics, chemistry, crystallography, molecular modeling and systems design. These classes will prepare students to enter the workforce in nanotechnology jobs and potentially work with advanced systems such as cancer therapies, energy storage devices and diagnostic methods.

Some companies with nanotechnology careers include NASA, Lockheed Martin and Nanopharma. Employers who hire nanotechnologists require cognitive abilities such as organization, prioritization and strong written and verbal communication skills. That is why Florida Poly emphasizes the preparation of the whole student, teaching leaderships, business and organization through projects that students will encounter in the marketplace.

What kind of nanotechnology jobs and salaries are available for students who graduate with an engineering degree from Florida Poly with a focus on nanotechnology?

Engineers with expertise in nanotechnology are in demand in a wide range of industries, that include construction, defense, medicine, consumer goods and food service. Graduates can expect employment through any of these industries. Florida Polytechnic University graduates will have the necessary tools to progress in their careers where entry level salaries range from $45,000 to $65,000.

If you have additional questions or are interested in more information on an Engineering Degree with a focus on nanotechnology, please visit the Florida Poly Academics page.