New SGA president fired up for upcoming academic year

Aug 12, 2019
New SGA president fired up for upcoming academic year
Student Government Association President Ryan Perez is working to get every student engaged, involved, and making the most of their college experience at Florida Polytechnic University.

Ryan Perez has a vision for the perfect student experience at Florida Polytechnic University. He wants to make sure every student feels connected, supported, and part of the vibrant university community. And he wants them to have a great time while they’re at it.

“My goal is to get students more involved in student government and student life in general to create a whole community between the campus and students,” Perez said. “I want students to know we’re here for them.”

As the new president of the University’s Student Government Association (SGA), Perez will have the chance to achieve that goal when the fall semester begins Aug. 21. He said the tools for building this community are strong campus organizations and lots of fun, student-focused events.

These will include a new intramural laser tag, open mic nights, karaoke, a hackathon, discussion forums, and more. Perez, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering with a concentration in advanced topics, said getting involved helps students find friends and broaden their views.

“It builds leadership and helps them grow as a person,” he said. “They are able to make more connections and it makes the overall experience more fun.”

Perez said new students should step out of their comfort zone and explore the opportunities available to them, starting with Club Row on Aug. 27-28. Student organizations will set up tables at the Saddle Creek Logistics Commons in the Innovation, Science, and Technology Building to connect with their newest members at the event.

The Miami native has been working on building the Florida Poly student community since he first stepped onto campus in 2016. He has served as an orientation leader, a resident assistant in the residence halls, and president of the Campus Activities Board while also joining in fun activities and club projects. He also fulfilled an internship with Tom Evans Environmental, a company that designs and sells pump systems in Lakeland.

“I want to do big things and I want to be involved and give back not only to my community, but also to the world,” Perez said. “I believe being here at Florida Poly is the step to doing that.”

Perez hopes to one day assist with space exploration and push the boundaries of our knowledge of the cosmos. He said Florida Poly has prepared him to pursue all his professional goals.

“I’ve had a lot of hands-on projects and that’s helped me not only as a leader, but as a follower to figure out where I fit in within a team and the kinds of things I can provide,” he said. “That’s what’s great about Florida Poly – we do that from the get-go.”

Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications