Nine Students Earn Recognition at Florida Academy of Sciences

Mar 28, 2017
Nine Students Earn Recognition at Florida Academy of Sciences

Nine Florida Polytechnic University students took home awards for their presentations at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Florida Academy of Sciences (FAS).

The annual meeting brings together students and industry professionals from across the state to present their research in a wide variety of disciplines. This year’s meeting was held from March 10-11 at Florida Poly.

Florida Poly students were recognized for “outstanding oral presentation” in the following categories: Computer and Mathematical Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Physics and Space Sciences; and Social Sciences. Additionally, student Dieff Vital won the Al Hall Memorial Award for his presentation: “Global Particulate Matter Characterization for Gasoline and Diesel Filters.” Here is the full list of winners:


Outstanding Oral Presentation, Undergraduate—Joshua Rentrope, Florida Polytechnic University, “Optimizing Molecular Geometry Based Positioning Applications for UAV Networks”

Outstanding Poster Presentation, Undergraduate—Kyle Cook, Florida Polytechnic University, “Introduction to Singular Value Decomposition and Image Compression”

Outstanding Poster Presentation, Undergraduate—Alex Durante, Florida Polytechnic University, “MIMIC-III: A Use Case”


Outstanding Oral Presentation, Graduate—Langley Payton, Florida Polytechnic University, “Maximizing Donor Conversions: A QGIV Case Study”

Outstanding Oral Presentation, Undergraduate—Michael Sanchez, Florida Polytechnic University, “Pulse Oximetry”

Outstanding Poster Presentation, Undergraduate—Laura Wemple, Florida Polytechnic University, “Effectiveness of doping agents on the photocatalytic oxidation of organic pollutants”

Al Hall Memorial Award—Dieff Vital, Florida Polytechnic University, “Global Particulate Matter Characterization for Gasoline and Diesel Filters”


Outstanding Oral Presentation, Undergraduate—Marshall Smith, Florida Polytechnic University, “Going with the Proton Flow – Generating Fusion Power in the Van Allen Belt”


Outstanding Oral Presentation, Graduate—Kristopher Kindle, Florida Polytechnic University, “State Liberalization of Cannabis Restrictions and Traffic Fatalities: Two Decades of Evidence”