Powering the future through a passion for engineering

Jul 02, 2019
Powering the future through a passion for engineering
Florida Polytechnic University senior Kelsey Marin visits a power plant with Siemens in Orlando, Florida as part of her summer internship with the company. The mechanical engineering major is working to help keep steam turbines operating without problems or interruptions in service.

A summer internship at Siemens in Orlando has become one of the most powerful educational motivators of Florida Polytechnic University senior Kelsey Marin’s life.

“I love this experience. It’s amazing,” Marin said. “I love being surrounded by engineers and everyone is super intelligent. Every day, every hour I’ve been learning something new.”

Marin, a senior mechanical engineering major with a concentration in nanotechnology, is spending her summer working with service engineers for Siemens’ steam turbines. The company is a global leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. The Kissimmee, Florida native is part of a team focused on preventing and addressing problems that may arise with the power-generating machines. She said that the education she’s received from Florida Poly left her well-prepared for the job.

“I’ve been applying what I learned in class here. I created a heat exchanger in my mechatronics class, and it helped me understand the flow of water and heat in different terms,” said Marin. “Here there are turbines doing almost the same thing.”

Mary McCullen, core turbine service engineering manager at Siemens, said Marin has been an asset to the team.

“Kelsey has a lot of enthusiasm and that has been really refreshing and positive,” said McCullen. “She has a really professional approach. When she needs something, she seeks it out.”

McCullen said the company tries to give interns an introduction to many facets of its operations.

“Not only do we get to see her in a lot of different environments, but she is getting practical experience and exposure to a real, live working environment,” said McCullen.

This job has included assisting with data, visiting power plants, joining customer meetings and shadowing engineers.

“I would like her to walk away with a desire to work here and have fun doing it,” added McCullen.

Although Marin plans to pursue advanced degrees in her field after graduating from Florida Poly, she said she would like to do so while working for Siemens.

“I definitely see myself staying here,” she said. “They take care of their employees and everyone takes care of their job and that’s why they’re so successful.

“Everyone does a great job here and I feel like I can fit in perfectly.”

Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications