How to Prepare for an Industrial Engineering Career

May 15, 2015

Students keen on pursuing a degree in industrial engineering at Florida Polytechnic University will be equipped with the skills, experience and knowledge to kick-start a career in industrial engineering. Florida Poly’s technology-rich facility, distinguished faculty and hands-on learning environment enable students to graduate prepared to succeed in the competitive labor market.

Florida Poly offers an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, which explores designing, building, developing and maintaining advanced tools in society. The University also offers a master’s degree in Engineering, allowing students to focus on mechanical and industrial engineering.

Below are the characteristics that students gain from a Florida Poly education in industrial engineering.


Florida Poly students and faculty are pioneers who not only set the curve, but are the curve. At Florida Poly, industrial engineering students can study cutting-edge concentrations that include geometric dimensioning and tolerance, motion intelligence, multifunctional materials and nanotechnology.

The University ensures that industrial engineering students gain the knowledge and skills they need for successful careers. The University offers hands-on learning, applied research and the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners. It is strongly advised that students participate in joint research opportunities and industrial engineering internships in order to build their professional network with Florida Poly’s industry partners, which number more than 85.

Florida Poly is one of the nation’s newest engineering schools, and students can use the University’s advanced technology to gain experience and skills. Students have the opportunity to work at the University’s STEM innovation labs that house a supercomputer, 3D printing systems and robotics systems. Students are able to work individually and on teams using the latest advanced technologies. They gain familiarity with the tools and apply their skills in the workforce.


Florida Poly encourages students to take advantage of the knowledge and guidance they receive from faculty, staff and the University’s industry partners. Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom setting. Students immerse themselves in projects and obtain research skills, as these attributes influence the type of industries students can enter and the careers they can pursue post-graduation.

A career in industrial engineering requires graduates to be experts at designing, building and developing methods to integrate across a variety of disciplines. To help facilitate these advanced skills, students should enroll in classes involving statistics, analytics, calculus, programming and manufacturing.

Beyond the classroom, there are clubs and educational games at Florida Poly that encourage students to stretch their skills in fun activities, whether it is building a submersible in the submarine club or participating in an industry-sponsored hackathon to design and build an app.


The education that students receive from Florida Poly will allow them to conduct research and apply solutions to real-world challenges. Florida Poly provides students with the opportunity to gain experience while still enrolled at the University. Students can gain direct experience in the field, as well as interact with industry partners and distinguished faculty.

From the first day of enrollment, Florida Poly provides students the opportunity to start assignments and projects that pertain to their desired interest. Students are encouraged to embark on individual projects but also to learn to work in teams. Students should harness acquired abilities to lead the nation’s industrial engineering sectors. Students learn how to improve their critical thinking skills, give oral presentations and take a project from idea to completion.

Students who are have additional questions or are interested in more information on an industrial engineering degree, please visit our Academics page or call our Admissions Office at (863) 583-9050.