Recap: Top 5 Moments from the Internet of Things #STEMTalks Event

Dec 09, 2016

Florida Polytechnic University hosted its second #STEMTalks virtual event of the 2016-17 academic year on November 17 titled, “The Internet of Things: A Future of Constant Connection.” This #STEMTalks event featured a virtual panel of experts involved with IoT, from the creation and development of devices to the adaptation of these devices into everyday life.

John Walicki, a Watson IoT Developer Ecosystem Advocate at IBM, joined the conversation from New York, bringing his in-depth knowledge of Watson’s applications and sharing how IBM is working to create and promote this technology. Kartik Goyani, an expert on ULTRAFi connected communities and Vice President of Operations at Metro Development Group, joined from the Tampa Bay area. Kartik shared how his company is working to integrate IoT devices into the everyday lives of people living in their communities – and doing it in a way that creates a better life without being intrusive. And finally, Frank Calas, a student at Florida Poly, shared how Florida Poly and the next generation of tech leaders are currently using and developing IoT devices.

The participants answered questions posed by the moderator, Florida Poly’s Richard Truncale, and collected from the audience. Some of the topics discussed included security, affordability and the overall implication of these devices on our everyday lives.

View the top five moments from this virtual #STEMTalks, and hear some career advice from the participants, below:

1. Interested in how to further protect yourself from cyber hackers? John Walicki discusses how to protect your IoT-connected devices:

2. Kartik Goyani explains how he believes IoT devices will become affordable for the general population:

3. The success of IoT depends on how well humans adapt and accept its platforms, according to John Walicki. Hear why he thinks we should focus on creating devices that will create a better life:

4. Frank Calas shares the trends in the IoT that Florida Poly students are currently using and adopting:

5. Kartik Goyani discusses how the adoption of these technologies depends on the person using it:

Finally, for those looking to start a career in the IoT, here is some advice from our entire panel of experts: