The STEM-Enabled World

Mar 24, 2015

Welcome to the STEM-enabled world.

As the U.S. transitions to a knowledge-based economy, STEM – or science, technology, engineering and mathematics – increasingly defines how we live and determines our future.

STEM informs most every groundbreaking idea that is propelling our technology-driven society, from Apple’s new Smart watch to Amazon’s futuristic delivery drones to Google contact lenses that monitor blood-sugar levels. What once was science fiction is now a mass-market reality, thanks to STEM. In fact, 54% of millennials want to start a business or already started one. This proves how students are forward-thinking and businesses, organizations and universities must keep up with this trend.

Such advances may boggle the mind but they also are shaping society. That’s why a strong STEM education is vital to the economy and future growth. Florida Polytechnic University, with its strong industry ties, teaches creative thinkers to apply their technology skills to invent, discover and innovate. The Florida Legislature created Florida Poly in 2012 to be wholly focused on STEM with the mission to educate 21st century learners and drive the economy well into the future.

At Florida Poly, we emphasize core STEM education in technology and engineering. We challenge students to become critical thinkers and enlightened learners. With 19 diverse concentrations that include cloud computing, semi-conductors and cyber security, our curriculum is informed by industry need, employment trends and technological advancements.

STEM education at Florida Poly integrates hands-on learning with problem-based challenges and real-world research. Students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom and solve challenges before they graduate. This type of education is agile and discovery-based to evolve swiftly and efficiently, along with advancements in the digital world.

In today’s knowledge-based marketplace, incremental developments are giving way to milestones. Florida Poly’s focus on STEM not only ensures that graduates are employable over a lifetime but it also serves as a catalyst for Florida, the nation and the world.

Consider these facts:

  • More than a third of U.S. economic growth is currently due to technology advancements, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Unemployment is rare in many STEM fields, where job growth is often three times faster than it is in non-STEM sectors, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • The top 10 bachelor degree majors with the highest median earnings are in STEM fields.

To learn more about Florida Poly’s mission, vision and curriculum, read our white paper, “Future Proof: Empowering the Next Generation of Extraordinary Discovery.” Just go to Future Proof to download the free report.