Top 3 Reasons to Choose an Engineering Degree

Nov 12, 2014

It’s a big decision – and may well determine your career and professional future. Some may say, one of the biggest decisions of your life. Your passion may be to develop streamlined processes, to solve complex problems, or to generate models via technology. A degree in engineering enables you to make impact, and perhaps change the world.

Puzzled about which major to choose? Below are the top three reasons students just like you are choosing an engineering degree:

1. It’s Never the Same

The skills engineers develop are highly valuable to employers. With an engineering degree, engineers solve problems. They find highly practical solutions to problems related to infrastructure, mechanics, technology, energy, design and analysis. Engineers can expect to develop some of the most sought after soft skills. For engineers, creativity is in everything they do. Influencing world changes and figuring out how things work involves ingenuity. Innovation succeeds only by breakthroughs in thinking–as evidence by engineering’s influence in the history of communication technology.

Obtaining an engineering degree requires individuals to think logically, while creatively. Since there is never a dull moment in engineering, engineers require a high level of adaptability. There are constant questions and changes that engineers must be able to explore and find new alternatives to. Having the skills to come up with solutions that no one has ever thought of requires a level of flexibility employers look for in employees. This type of creative problem solving will force engineers into new territories of thought.

2. There are Plenty of Opportunities

Engineers possess a universal skill set that enables them to work in almost any part of the world. Engineers with engineering degrees are needed in cities, rural towns, business offices, classrooms, factories, research labs and the outdoors. A degree in engineering can take you into many fields such as accounting, project management, law, surveying, drafting, and many more. You can specialize in areas like digital and hybrid systems, electrodynamics, magnetics, machine intelligence, nanotechnology, motion intelligence, and more.

Mastering the field of engineering can take years of dedication. “I have long felt that engineering and science can change the world for the better,” stated Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.


3. Financial Security

The U.S. has approximately 1.6 million engineering jobs that pay $42 per hour in median wages. While this may not be engineers’ sole motivation, engineering is a well-paying career that provides excellent compensation—even for entry-level jobs. Along with financial security, engineers with an engineering degree can expect job security as well.

Engineers are researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and scholars. Florida Polytechnic University is leading the next generation of engineers through electrical, mechanical & industrial, & computer engineering degree programs.