Parking and Transportation


Digital Permit Information

All vehicles parking on campus must register for a Florida Poly digital parking permit through the online Parking Portal. To learn about parking lot locations and the type of permit required to park in each lot, please see our campus map  click on PARKING/TRANSPORTATION then on the lot number from the drop-down list.  

The University's parking management software utilizes License Plate Recognition. There is no need to display a physical permit, your license plate is the permit and must be registered using the online Parking Portal

Per Parking Policy, the license plate must be clearly visible to parking enforcement officers. A vehicle backed into a parking space without a front license plate is not considered visible and in violation of this policy. 

Up to four vehicles can be registered for each parking permit; however, only one vehicle per permit can be parked on campus at a time. Unregistered vehicles or multiple vehicles on campus at the same time under the same permit will result in a citation.

Purchasing a Digital Permit

Permits must be purchased using the Parking Portal. Permits may be purchased annually, for a semester at a time, or on a daily basis.

Faculty/Staff Permit Options

  • Annual, Semester, Daily 
  • Reserved 
  • Florida Poly South
Commuter/Resident Student Options 
  • Annual, Semester, Daily 
  • Reserved 
  • Economy 
Vendor Options
  • Annual, Semester, Daily
  • Reserved 
  • 30-, 60-, 90- Day 
Visitor Option 
  • Daily permits expire at midnight

Parking on Campus

Certain parking permits are required to park in designated lots around campus. The following is a listing of which permit types are required by lot number:

  • Parking Lot 1 and 2: Faculty/Staff, Visitor, Florida Poly South Employee
  • Parking Lot 3: Student, Faculty/Staff, Visitor, Florida Poly South Employee
  • Parking Lots 4 and 6: Student, Faculty/Staff, Vendor, Florida Poly South Employee
  • Parking Lot 8: Student, Faculty/Staff, Vendor, Visitor, Poly South, Economy
  • Parking Lot 10: Student, Faculty/Staff, Vendor, Visitor, Poly South, Economy

Updating Vehicle Information

Students, faculty, and staff who receive a new license plate number or a new car must change their vehicle information via our university's Parking Portal.