Parking and Transportation


Digital Permits

All vehicles parking on campus must register for a Florida Poly digital parking permit. Visitors who do not have a parking permit may purchase a day pass online

Digital permits use the license plate as the permit number, so there is no need to display a permit or hang-tag as long as your vehicle plate is registered and fully visible for the parking enforcement vehicle to scan. For this reason, the University requires that all vehicles pull into parking spaces with the rear license plate visible from the lot. Drivers who back into a parking space will receive a citation. 

Up to four vehicles can be registered for each parking permit; however, only  one vehicle under a registered account can be parked on campus at a time. Unregistered vehicles or multiple vehicles on campus at the same time under one account will result in a citation.


Updating Vehicle Information

Students and employees who have a new license plate number or a new car must change their vehicle information online.

Purchasing a Permit 

Permits may be purchased online or at the Office of Parking and Transportation. Permits may be purchased annually, for a semester at a time, or on a daily basis, depending on a number of circumstances and the time of year. Prices change each year and are posted each year in July when the new annual year permits go on sale.

Faculty/Staff Options

  • Year, Semester, and Day
  • Reserved spaces
  • Florida Poly South
  • FIPR

Student Options 

  • Year, Semester, and Day
  • Resident permits
  • Commuter permits

Visitor Options 

  • All visitors