2020-21 Presidential Ambassadors

2020-21 Presidential Ambassadors

Meet the Ambassadors

Ahna Cecil Computer Engineering

Ahna Cecil `23

Computer Engineering | Pensacola, FL

Ahna Cecil

Honors and Scholarships:
• US Presidential Scholar 2019
• Mira Award for the Fine Arts 2019
• Horatio Alger State Scholar 2018
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholar

Activities and Clubs:
• Admissions Ambassador
• Society of Women Engineers: Chief of Staff (present)
• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Community Service:
• Founder of Random Acts of Kindness Local Pensacola Chapter

Career Plans:
As a computer engineer, I would like to design and program robotic surgical devices. I am driven by my goal of making life-saving medical procedures more affordable and easily accessible worldwide.

Andre Archer Mechanical Engineering

Andre Archer `22

Mechanical Engineering | Pensacola, FL

Andre Archer

• Provost's List Fall 2019
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholar

• Student Government Association (SGA): Judicial Clerk
• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Interim Vice Chair (past)
• American Society of Mechanical Engineers
• Florida Poly Mutants (Ultimate Frisbee)

Community Service:
• Founder of C.A. Weis Elementary (Title 1 Community School) Science Olympiad team

Career Goals:
As a mechanical engineer, I would like to perform research in the aerospace and materials industry, eventually getting my PhD and returning to academia to become a professor.

Benjamin Dinal Computer Science

Benjamin Dinal

Computer Science | Oxford, FL

Benjamin Dinal

• Phoenix Hacks (1st Place)
• Provost List Honoree FA 2019
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Florida Academic Scholar
• Dollars for Scholars, The Villages

• Student Government Association (SGA): Sophomore Representative
• Information and Communication Committee: Head Chair
• Audit and Budget Committee: Member
• Music Association
• Chess Club

Community Service:
• Operation Homebound
• Lighthouse Ministries Volunteer

Career Plans:
I've always enjoyed creating things, whether that be computer applications, art, or music. I plan on working for a company as a software engineer in order to help create applications and media that could help improve the livelihood of others.

Brandon Nickas Computer Science

Brandon Nickas `22

Computer Science | Jacksonville, FL

Brandon Nickas

Vice Chair
Honors & Scholarships:
• President's List: Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Florida Bright Futures Medallion
• Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction Award

• American Sign Language Club (Vice President)
• Phoenix League

Community Service:
• Jacksonville Athletics Club
• Jacksonville Humane Society

Career Plans:
I endeavor to pursue a career in the world of technology as this has always been my passion. I want to push myself to expand the boundaries of computer science and cyber security to contribute to the never-ending growth and development of our society.

Dylan Amisano Mechanical Engineering

Dylan Amisano

Mechanical Engineering | Naples, FL

Dylan Amisano

Social Coordinator
• President's List: Fall 2018, Spring 2019
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• David M. & Judy B. Jones Scholarship
• Take Stock in Children Scholarship

• Student Government Association (SGA): Mechanical Engineering Representative (Previous)
• Senate President Pro Tempore (Previous)
• Legislative Executive Committee: Chair (Previous)
• Take Stock in Children Ambassador
• Student Education Assistant for Math Department

Community Service:
• Osceola Elementary Student Volunteer
• National Honors Society Volunteer Services

Career Plans:
As I have continued my college career here at Florida Poly, I have come to learn that I love people and the relationships I create with them. My goal as a mechanical engineer is to merge that love and my degree together. I believe my degree itself will be used for good in this world and helping others, but to me it is about the day to day and the effects I can have on others around me whether it be friends, family, or co-workers. Overall, I want to be a positive influence anywhere I go, no matter what I do.

Hailey Skoglund Business Analytics

Hailey Skoglund `22

Business Analytics | Spring Hill, FL

Hailey Skoglund

Honors & Scholarships:
• President's List: Fall 2019, Spring 2020
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholar
• Business and Professional Women Scholarship
• U.S. Presidential Scholars Program Nominee
• Ronald Reagan Scholarship

• Student Government Association (SGA): Associate Justice (current); Student Representative (past)
• Professional Event Violinist
• Phi Theta Kappa Honor's Society: Vice President
• Psi Beta Honors Society
• Swim Team

Community Service:
• HPH Hospice Volunteer
• Oak Hill Hospital Volunteer
• CoFounder of Hospice Fundraiser
• Brooksville Courthouse Volunteer
• RPOF Event Violinist

Career Plans:
I aspire to become a Patent Attorney specializing in STEM innovations and intellectual property. I love how Business Analytics at Florida Poly has been the perfect bridge to connect my passions for STEM and Law. In my future, I will defend and protect the rights of brilliant minds to create a positive impact on the world.

Isabel Zimmerman Data Analytics

Isabel Zimmerman

Data Analytics | Moline, IL

Isabel Zimmerman

Public Relations Coordinator
Honors & Scholarships:
• President's List: Fall 2017, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020
• Florida Poly President's Scholarship
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Unity Point Health CVM Scholarship
• Student Government Association (SGA): Sustainability Executive Cabinet Chair
• Academic Success Center: Success Peer

• RedHat

Community Service:
• United States Pony Club (USPC)
• Christ the King Children's Choir Director

Career Plans:
My career plan is to use my passion for data science to find creative solutions for difficult problems in the healthcare realm.

Lillian Frometa Electrical Engineering

Lillian Frometa

Electrical Engineering | Miami, FL

Lillian Frometa

Honors & Scholarships:
Provost List: Fall 2018, Spring 2019
• Florida Bright Futures Scholarship
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• Ronald Reagan Student Leader Award
• Congressional Medal of Merit

Community Service:
• Junior Orange Bowl
• Feed My Starving Children
• Touching Miami with Love

Career Plans:
My future career plans include electronics design and development. I look forward to creating new products to solve existing problems.

Magelee Delgado Business Analytics

Magelee Delgado `23

Business Analytics | Lake Alfred, FL

Magelee Delgado

• Inaugural Valedictorian, Discovery High School, 2019
• Provost List: Fall 2019, Spring 2020
• Executive Director Scholar Award, Discovery High School, 2019
• Top 20 Academic Excellence, Auburndale High School, 2016
• American Legion Award, 2015
• Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship
• Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship
• Florida Poly Scholarship

• Campus Activities Board (CAB)
• Admissions Ambassador

Community Service:
• Youth Leader and Server/Greeter at Life Church Auburndale

Career Plans:
I plan to utilize my knowledge and skills learned at Florida Poly to help businesses such as Publix, Walmart, or Amazon improve and enhance their supply chain in an ever-changing world. I also want to be in an environment where I can experience personal growth on a daily basis.

Megan Morano Business Analytics

Megan Morano

Business Analytics | Clearwater, FL

Megan Morano

• President's List: Spring 2018, Spring 2020
• Provost List: Fall 2019
• College Women on the Rise: Essay Winner
• Florida Poly Scholarship
• KML Foundation Scholarship
• State Farm STEM Recognition

• Ultimate Frisbee

Community Service:
• Big Brother Big Sisters of America
• Homeless Outreach

Career Plans:
I plan to be in an environment where growth as a person happens every day. Being in a place where I can make a positive impact and am surrounded people wanting to change the world.

Mykell Spencer Computer Science

Mykell Spencer `23

Computer Science | Port Charlotte, FL

Mykell Spencer

• Provost List: Fall 2019, Spring 2020
• Florida Poly Provost Scholarship
• Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship

• One Florida Poly Against Cancer: President
• Rotaract Club: Secretary
• Math Club: Secretary
• Rainbow Six: Siege Junior Varsity Player

Community Service:
• Habitat for Humanity
• Charlotte County Homeless Coalition
• Relay for Life
• Mathematics and Science No-Charge Tutor
• Russmatt Baseball Volunteer through Rotaract

Career Plans:
After I earn my bachelor's and Masters' degrees at Florida Poly, I plan to enroll in a doctoral program for Computer Science. I endeavor to become a Game Designer- Director for studios such as Activision or Ubisoft to create games the world will enjoy for decades to come. I also hope to inspire those who face life-altering challenges like I have. To face these obstacles, I refer to my life mottos: Sic Parvis Magna: Greatness from Small Beginnings; and my favorite Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11.

Ritchel Calvaire Computer Science

Ritchel Calvaire

Computer Science | Miami, FL

Ritchel Calvaire

Honors & Scholarships:
• Provost List: Fall 2018-Spring 2020
• Ideathon Pitch Presentation: 1st Place
• Keri Heiken Foundation Scholarship
• Ctrl Your Future Butler Scholarship
• Graphic Design College Certificate
• Florida Poly Scholarship

• Resident Assistant
• Management Leadership for Tomorrow
• Rotaract Club

Community Service:
• Kids Pack
• Florida Poly Pi Run
• Florida Poly Biology Expo

Career Plans:
My career plan is to obtain a job in the STEM field that I thoroughly enjoy. One that will challenge me, as well as allow me to make a positive impact/difference in the world.